Why You Should Signup for a MemoTrek™ Wholesale Account

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Wholesale Account with MemoTrek

8 Reasons to Sign Up for a MemoTrek™ Account

Upon launching our new and revised website, we have also taken a big step forward in optimizing our wholesale order processing and further streamlined our supply-chain management system.

In order for you to better benefit from the advantages of our new e-commerce platform and the integration with our Customer Relationship Management system, it's important that you sign up for a MemoTrek™ account. There are several advantages of this, let's take a closer look into why you should sign up for an account.

1.) Better Security for Your Personal Data

Because of the encrypted SSL connection to our server, your personal data is submitted via an encrypted channel. This is not the case when you send us your information such as your billing and shipping addresses via email:

Email usually travels through the internet in clear-text and unencrypted, meaning that it's readable by anyone with the means to intercept the traffic. Therefore it's better to submit your information via our securely encrypted SSL connection.

2.) More Exact Delivery Information

When you fill in the required form during sign up, you can better make sure that all your data is correct. Also you have the possibility to edit or change your delivery address from your customer account panel if needed. Further you'll be able to easily add more addresses which is convenient if you do wholesale drop-shipping and instruct us to deliver your consignment directly to your customers.

3.) Faster Turnarounds & Improved Service

Once you sign up for a MemoTrek™ wholesale account, your information will be synced seamlessly with our backend CRM system and enable your customer support team to answer your questions and process your orders in a more swift manner, thus improving general turnaround time.

4.) Track Your Order History

You can easily review and track your previous orders with MemoTrek™ from within the order history of your customer panel, and also print out receipts and invoices.

5.) Collect Reward Points

You can collect and manage your reward points, and use these in exchange for cash-discounts on your next wholesale orders. This provides customers with frequent re-orders with more benefits and discounts related to their order volumes.

6.) Upload Your Artwork Logo Files

You can now upload your logo artwork files directly to your account, and manage your logo files in a convenient way. This makes it easier for you to both track and manage your customized orders.

7.)  Receive Special Offers via Newsletter

You can choose to subscribe to our wholesale newsletter, and will periodically ca. every 2-3 weeks receive valuable information regarding new products and special wholesale discounts.

Note that you may opt-out of the newsletter at any time, and that we have a privacy policy to protect your personal data, which we take very seriously.

8.) Apply for Corporate Account

Corporate customer can apply for a dedicated corporate account, and will then benefit from special wholesale discounts on their orders of branded USB flash drives and promotional merchandise.

Because of the above reasons, we highly recommend that new customers sign up for a MemoTrek™ wholesale account to benefit from an overall better buying experience and faster turnarounds for orders.

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