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USB Manufacturers Canton Fair

USB Flash Manufacturers on the Canton Fair 

The Canton fair which is hold twice each year in Guangzhou is well known as one of the worlds largest trade fairs, and it's also an important platform for USB wholesale distributors and manufacturers of branded promotional USB gifts to meet and conduct business.

With more than 55,800 booths and stands from various wholesale suppliers and Chinese manufacturers who promote a wide range of products to international visitors and traders from more than 200 countries and traders from all the world, the Canton Fair usually features more than 160,000 visitors on a crowded 1,125,000 m² exhibition space.

As the 116th session of the renown Canton Fair has just closed up, we'd like to share some of our impressions with those of our readers who this year did not have the opportunity to attend the fair. Because of the worries that this years Canton Fair could become over-shadowed by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, temperature screenings at the entry points where conducted on all visitors and by personnel in white overalls.

But what we more importantly noticed this year was the absence of many Africans friends at this years Canton Fair. While we still had the chance to meet some of our customers, it was obvious that there where less Africans present this year than usual, and the rumor was that more than 50.000 Africans where denied a visa for this 116th session of the fair.

While officials from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone where not invited to the Canton Fair, the visitors who managed to secure a visa got a free healthcare package upon entry to China, containing a thermometer, a local map and a free mobile phone including a local SIM card while being required to keep the phone on and be reachable for the next 21 days.

Canon Fair Trade ExhibitionFor wholesale distributors of custom USB flash drives and branded promotional gifts, both the Canton Fairs 1st Phase that features electronics and electrical appliances as well as the 2nd Phase that also offers a large venue for gifts and promotional items are the two parts of this gigantic exhibition that we're mostly interested in:

Here we will find many of the most important Chinese USB flash drives manufacturers, who among many other Mainland China suppliers and manufacturers of consumer electronics and digital entertainment suppliers are present with their own exhibition booths and sales teams to gather business cards and hand out company brochures and product catalogs.

You can expect a rich variety of new products and much attention from sales staff in hunt of new business leads. We in the USB flash drive industry certainly do have a natural advantage when it comes to transport and display samples: with only a couple of small boxes it possible to equip a booth with rich samples material and variety.

Canton Fair Wholesale SuppliersAs a visitor you will quickly realize that while the marketing material used by the suppliers exhibiting might significantly differ in quality and appearance, it is a rather easy task to isolate the core manufacturers and suppliers of custom USB flash drives that are present, and most of these seem to offer a similar product line of promotional USB flash drives.

In fact it might sometimes not be so easy to spot the USB flash drives among various other USB articles, promotional gifts, electronics and digital gadgets. The real challenge in this game is of course that a couple of square-meters, some samples and a quick exchange of business cards is not even scratching at the surface of the supplier's real situation:

In-depth assessment and due diligence can only be achieved after having gained first-hand experience of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the suppliers by being able to look back upon business relationships with a rich order history. Only when you can look back at the history of continuous partnerships, cooperation and after having processed large amount of orders then you start to understand the dynamics of the industry and the rules of its players.

Another important exhibition that is starting to gain popularity is the China Sourcing Fair which is certainly gaining momentum and is starting to build up a considerable position also compared to the Canton Fair. Being an international event staged also in Dubai and India, the China Sourcing Fair appeals to a wide audience of buyers and traders also from the Middle-East and India, also because it's easier for many visitors to obtain a visa for Hong Kong than for Mainland China.

Trade companies, import-export firms and distributors of promotional articles from Pakistan make strong players in the worldwide electronics trade for many interesting emerging markets, while having a traditionally strong foundation also here in Hong Kong, and we are looking forward to further improve our existing business relationships with key distributors on these emerging markets.

Some of our customers use these popular trading events to schedule meetings with MemoTrek. For wholesale clients and customers we offer factory inspection tours to the main USB flash drive suppliers and manufacturers in Shenzhen.

Wholesale buyers with high volume orders will sometimes decide to sub-contract the entire consignment to either one supplier, or - more commonly for the bulk volumes, to split up the batches to either several different suppliers or to add a spin-off supplier by setting up dedicated production lines directly sub-contracted from the main supplier.

Our experienced multi-lingual purchase team located in close range to Shenzhen's most important factory area will help visitors to take care of the scheduling, transfers and negotiations.

Note that in order for us to be able serve visiting buyers with the care they need and to arrange for meetings and USB flash factory tours it is necessary to schedule in advance, even more in times of exhibitions or fairs.

Wholesale buyers of custom USB gifts and branded USB drives please contact us now for more information.

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