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NAND Flash Memory Prices Currently on a Downwards Trend

NAND prices on the contractual market have been easing up already during the first quarters of 2018.

The main reasons for this is the current combination of the annual/cyclical off-season together with a lower market demand. Mostly driven by the smartphone market as main contributor to demand during peak season of 4Q 2017, the traditional off-season has had a significant effect and impacted wholesale prices during the first quarter of 2018.

Because of this, many manufacturers have not been focusing too much on expanding production capacities.

Instead, upstream suppliers and NAND...

Welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster

As you may already know, Chinese communities worldwide are currently preparing for this years Lunar New Year celebrations. Also know as Spring Festival in China, this years “New Years Eve” is celebrated the 27th, and the 1st day of the new year will be 28th January.

The new year will be a year of the Fire Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac, and Fire Roosters are famous for being especially trustworthy, responsible and with a strong sense of timekeeping.

Generally, roosters are said to be hardworking, resourceful and self confident, and we at MemoTrek look forward to advancing these qualities...

NAND Flash Memory Price Trends, Outlook & Forecast for 2015

Analysts and main players both on the contractual market as well as on the wholesale spot-markets for NAND flash memory chips have seen some serious price variations while experiencing a certain level of constant price volatility in the market during the past years.

Because of this, and before we summon up some of the most important events that have had an impact on the volatile NAND flash wholesale spot-market during the recent years, we'll just want to make sure to get everyone on the same page regarding some technical cornerstones that are relevant to also better understand some of...

USB Flash Manufacturers on the Canton Fair 

The Canton fair which is hold twice each year in Guangzhou is well known as one of the worlds largest trade fairs, and it's also an important platform for USB wholesale distributors and manufacturers of branded promotional USB gifts to meet and conduct business.

With more than 55,800 booths and stands from various wholesale suppliers and Chinese manufacturers who promote a wide range of products to international visitors and traders from more than 200 countries and traders from all the world, the Canton Fair usually features more than 160,000 visitors on a crowded 1,125,000 m² exhibition...

3 Reasons 2014 will be a Successful Year for NAND Flash Industry

2012 came with some very uplifting and positive market predictions and the introduction of important technological developments for 2013/2014.

NAND flash has become an increasingly important part of today’s technological society with USB flash drives, smartphones, digital cameras, tablet PCs and iPads becoming a more and more integrated part of society on which we rely on exponentially.

Most of these technologies and gadgets we use today further depend on NAND technologies for its memory storage. NAND flash technologies have made revenues of approximately $21B in 2012 alone,...

Wholesale Suppliers & Manufacturers Welcome Year of Dragon

As the Lunar Year has already turned from the year of the Rabbit to the Year of the Black Water Dragon, and the main nationwide Spring Festival Holiday is closing up and people start returning to their workplaces, also the wholesale suppliers and OEM electronics manufacturers in China are about to resume production and return to their business and workplaces as usual.

Let's use this time to take a reflective look back on the year behind us, while also discuss what we at MemoTrek™ believe is needed to sustain a successful wholesale electronics business in 2012.

The year 2011 has...

You Benefit from Low Prices on the NAND Flash Spot Market

You can now make sure that you benefit even more from our upstream position in the NAND flash spot-market & regular price updates in conjunction with the NAND spot market in Hong Kong:

Because of the low wholesale prices for NAND flash memory, our December price update offers lower prices than in September and especially for the 4GB and 8GB capacities. You can now download our fresh and updated price list for branded USB flash drives:

After our wholesale price update for branded USB flash drives back in October, we are glad to present our newest December price update for our...

Tablet PC Operating Systems & Current Market Situation

Tablet PCs are not only about to become a normal part of many people’s every day computing life, but furthermore tablet PCs are also one of the currently fastest growing hardware segments within the computer and consumer electronics industry:

The overall market for tablet PCs is up 280% from a year ago, and according to Fierce Wireless this rapid growth of the tablet PC segment is showing no signs of a slowdown any time soon.

An interesting trend that we’ve been observing during the recent months is how Android is gaining foothold not only with their Android-powered mobile phones...