USB Innovations

Two-Factor Authentication with USB Drives

USB flash drives are on their best way to become major security boosters for laptops and computers, as new generation software solutions can transform a USB flash drive into a USB security lock.

What if a laptop, just like a car, couldn’t run without a USB memory key?

A new group of software utilities has emerged that purports to create just such a USB key lock out of a common USB flash drive. Used together with password protection, this gets you up on something almost in the league of industrial strength security levels that also banks use for their ATM cards.

So let's go look into these USB...

Use a USB Flash Drive to Add Extra Virtual RAM to Your Computer

As you all know, USB flash drives are highly useful for transporting data from one computer to another, but for those out there still using Window$, yet another innovative feature is available:

USB flash drives can be used to boost your virtual RAM and give your machine more brainpower to handle multiple tasks. RAM refers to random access memory, which is the computer's short term memory. So to sum it up with easy words: RAM memory keeps your machine thinking while several programs are open.

While flash drive RAM won't be as effective as the RAM installed on the computer, it is...

MetalKey USB flash drives by MemoTrek™ are hitting the shelves!

You’ll be impressed by the truly functional design of our new MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB flash drives, as we proudly announce the arrival of a new and freshly brewed redesign of a true classic among all the many thinkable USB casing designs and shapes.

The MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB flash drives stands out as a ultra-portable storage solution that looks great on every keyring and let’s you carry your important data or your company presentation and sales material conveniently and on a safe place while still looking good on your keychain and making a sleek impression also on any...

Wholesale Mini Speakers, Portable Sound Systems & Stereo Headphones Wholesale from OEM Manufacturers

Mini-speakers and portable sound systems wholesale directly from marketing leading and certified OEM/ODM manufacturers are now among the fast growing and carefully selected range of innovative branded high-tech merchandise and premium wholesale electronics offered in the new MemoTrek™ online shop.

You’re looking for a fresh product for your wholesale trading business or are looking to distribute or drop-ship a new and attractive product to wholesale conditions?

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