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We are really satisfied with your production!

The customized USB flashdrives arrived, we tried them out and they work properly. The engraving was fine too, so we are really satisfied with your production, and thank you very much for filling our order so quickly! ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
Deniza Zenari
Antea S.r.l.

Excellent job, will be happy to recommend you to others!

You did an excellent job on this project for us. Will be happy to recommend you to others. Cordially, Steve..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
S. McNamara

The USB pens and sticks were perfect, excellent job!

Hello again from Cyprus, How are you? The usb pens and sticks were perfect. Excellent job thank you very much...

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
A. Panagiotou
Sixt Rent a Car

USB Flash Drives Memory Heart

USB Flash Drives Memory Heart
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Branded Custom USB Memory Heart Wholesale from Certified Manufacturers 

With this new and exclusive heart-shaped USB flash drive “Memory Heart” we're happy to introduce a seasonal bestseller among our USB flash drives: The red and edgy design of this metallic glittering heart-shape is bound to attract a lot of attention.

Custom USB Flash Drives Memory HeartAttached to the extra-long and elegant silver-necklace this romantic USB flash drive belongs to a special hybrid category fusing functional high-speed USB flash memory with a touch of sophisticated USB jewelry.

A heart full of your best memories: Personalize your USB Memory Heart with the memories of your most romantic moments and pre-load the high-speed USB flash memory with the finest collection of pictures, videos and the music that you both love.

Imagine how happy she will be when she receives these sweet memories as a token of your true affection! An ideal gift to a special person you've known for a long time, or for the more adventurous among us even as a spontaneous gesture to a total stranger that happens to walk by and catches your attention...

Let’s face it guys: picking a suitable gift for Valentine’s Day is a nightmare. And the day keeps returning once a year – resistance is futile and we need to provide an original token of loving care in order to further cement-out the relationship. Failure to provide this might prove fatal and can cause great casualties. The USB “Memory Heart” is your savior in need!

Equipped with enough memory for you to upload the entire collection of holiday pictures, your romantic Top50 songs and those intimate video clips you made with the new digital camera: in just a couple of minutes you’ve uploaded the files and the USB Heart is back in the box, ready for dispatch the 14th February and certain to be received with gratitude and finest appreciation you'd expect at the end of a good Valentine's Day...

Its size is another strategic advantage. Not quite as obvious on first sight and easier to hide away until grasping the right moment to confess your intentions. Roses surely are beautiful, but they have thorns and tend to be bulky. Also they usually die after a couple of days and are far from getting close to the 10 years of guaranteed data retention that comes with the flash memory. When we think about it – this is actually quite a hot promotional give-away not only on a Valentine’s Day... ....why? Because: To give out a heart full of memories – every day is a good day!

Technical Specifications

Available Capacities: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Product Materials: Metallic hard-impact plastic, metal chain
Colors: Cherry red metallic
Size: 49 x 43x 15mm

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Technical Specifications
Memory Capacity1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Operating SystemsWindows, Mac OS X & Linux
Certification MarksRoHS & CE Certified Suppliers
Data Retention TimeUp to 10 years data retention
Data Transfer SpeedsW: 3~7 MB/sec - R: 8~16 MB/sec
Max. Signaling SpeedMax. Signaling Speed 480 Mbit/s
USB Protocol VersionHigh-Speed USB 2.0 Certified
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