Office on a USB Stick: LibreOffice Portable

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Your Office on a USB: LibreOffice Portable

Your Portable Office on a USB Flash Drive 

You’re on the road often, and like to carry a USB flash drive with an encrypted backup of your most important data, as well as a few handpicked applications that run straight from the USB drive and without the need to install anything on the host computer? You’re in need for a portable office and productive suite?

Our recommendation to you is LibreOffice Portable, a full-blown office suite that runs from any USB flash drive with a capacity of more than 128MB and enables you to work with an amazing set of productivity tools for professional editing of documents and spreadsheets.

LibreOffice each consists of six applications, called Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, and Math in both. The modules provide word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, business graphics, database management, and formula editing, respectively.

If you’ve been using Linux or any other open source software, chances are that you have heard about OpenOffice, which for many years used to be the leading free open source alternative to Microsoft Office suite, that’s rich in functions and well documented.

StarOffice to OpenOffice, from OpenOffice to LibreOffice

OpenOffice started as early as back in the late ‘90s - yeah those where the days - and originated as StarOffice by the German company StarDivision, that became a popular alternative to Microsoft Office in the European markets. During the following years by Sun Microsystems and as an open source project. After picking it up, Sun changed the name of the product to and released its code as open source.

OpenOffice managed to retain popularity within professional enterprise users, also because of its cross-platform capabilities and the no-cost license.

However and when Oracle acquired Sun in 2009, the future of stated to change and many of the important core OpenOffice developers where not happy with the new changes and licenses that Oracle started to impose, and one developer after the other started to distance them self from the project and many joined together to form LibreOffice. LibreOffice is a fork of OpenOffice, and works and feels very similar to the well-know open source office suite we’ve known now for so many years and that many of us has learned to prefer above the closed-source and proprietary office version also know as Microsoft Office.

LibreOffice Pre-Loaded on Your USB Flash Drives

One of the main difference, is that LibreOffice is being developed in an open source community-driven way, and without any intervention by Oracle.

LibreOffice reads and writes to most office formats, and you can export and import files also the most common Microsoft Word formats, PDF as well as's OpenDocument file formats, Microsoft Works, Lotus Word Pro, WordPerfect and many other commonly used document file formats..

Writer - the main WYSIWYG editor and Word editor - includes a new dialog box that makes it easier to format document title pages. Perhaps one of the most significant new features of LibreOffice is now finally the support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files in Writer, Impress, and Draw. SVG is an open standard for vector-based graphics that can be exported from many popular drawing applications, including Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visio, and many CAD programs.

With the new release of LibreOffice Portable you can now run a full Office Suite from your USB stick, and carry your most important documents and the means to read and edit them from any computer and just by inserting the USB flash drive into a host computer and launching LibreOffice directly from the USB stick.

You can also order branded USB flash drives with LibreOffice from MemoTrek with the full LibreOffice preloaded onto the a separate partition on the USB drive against a small fee for the data preloading. Feel free to ask your MemoTrek account manager for more or just go ahead and contact us now!

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