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NAND Flash Memory Prices Currently on a Downwards Trend

NAND prices on the contractual market have been easing up already during the first quarters of 2018.

The main reasons for this is the current combination of the annual/cyclical off-season together with a lower market demand. Mostly driven by the smartphone market as main contributor to demand during peak season of 4Q 2017, the traditional off-season has had a significant effect and impacted wholesale prices during the first quarter of 2018.

Because of this, many manufacturers have not been focusing too much on expanding production capacities.

Instead, upstream suppliers and NAND...

Welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster

As you may already know, Chinese communities worldwide are currently preparing for this years Lunar New Year celebrations. Also know as Spring Festival in China, this years “New Years Eve” is celebrated the 27th, and the 1st day of the new year will be 28th January.

The new year will be a year of the Fire Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac, and Fire Roosters are famous for being especially trustworthy, responsible and with a strong sense of timekeeping.

Generally, roosters are said to be hardworking, resourceful and self confident, and we at MemoTrek look forward to advancing these qualities...

GigaREX™ Wholesale Electronics Android OEM MegaStore

If you're ordering a lot of Android devices, LED lights & electronics gadgets online for your business then your life just got a whole lot easier. Because you now have the wholesale electronics megastore by GigaREX™ at the very tip of your click fingers & can buy your favorite Android gadgets & electronics online 24/7.

Optimize your electronics supply-chain by enabling your purchase department to order online directly from leading OEM suppliers in the GigaREX™ wholesale electronics megastore.

Shop your Android OEM tablets, your smart phones & many more electronics 'n gadgets...

Custom USB Flash Drives: Top Benefits for Marketing

Custom USB flash drives are one of today's most effective marketing tools, and come with many benefits that allow you to market your enterprise in a sustainable way that also reflects a cutting edge and modern corporate image.

So let's take a closer look at the many top benefits of custom USB drives for marketing. Marketing has gone through many phases in the last decade and companies are always looking for new ways to market their brand. Digital marketing is on the rise and it is considered as one of the best marketing tools presently.

Some companies still resort to more orthodox ways...

NAND Flash Memory Price Trends, Outlook & Forecast for 2015

Analysts and main players both on the contractual market as well as on the wholesale spot-markets for NAND flash memory chips have seen some serious price variations while experiencing a certain level of constant price volatility in the market during the past years.

Because of this, and before we summon up some of the most important events that have had an impact on the volatile NAND flash wholesale spot-market during the recent years, we'll just want to make sure to get everyone on the same page regarding some technical cornerstones that are relevant to also better understand some of...

Your Logo on Custom USB Mice. Boost Your Brand Awareness.

Yes, as a follower or long-term customer of MemoTrek you probably now already about the amazing benefits of promoting your business with one of today's most effective marketing tools:

Custom printed USB flash drives are guaranteed to boost your marketing ROI by delivering sustainable brand awareness and increased brand recognition by your core customers segments.

Another sleek promotional article that is popular both with fresh startup companies as well as with established Fortune 500 enterprises are custom printed USB computer mice because they make a fresh & modern impression but...

5 Benefits of Custom USB Flash Drives for Photographers

Customized USB flash drives serve as the perfect multifunctional tool for professional photographers by replacing the traditional business card with a far more efficient promotional giveaway.

Professional photographers can benefit from customized USB flash drives by sharing not only one’s professional identity with clients and partners, but by simultaneously sharing the professional portfolio in the form of a pleasant, highly useful and also very attractive promotional gift.

It is the most effective way to promote your photography in a way that enhances a positive brand attitude...

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