Content Marketing: The Power of Affect in Corporate Blogs

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Content Marketing & Power of Affect in Corporate Blogs

The Power of Affect in Content Marketing

It’s true: in many instances, it is not as much about what you say but rather how you say it!

This applies also to the way you communicate with your corporate clients.

For the first time, researchers have established a causal link between the tone used in a corporate blog post and its effect on the perceived corporate reputation and engagement intention.

The results reveal a groundbreaking yet simplistic new consideration to improve the effectiveness of corporate communication. Corporate blog posts written in a positive and arousing tone lead to a better perceived reputation and stronger intentions by clients to engage with the company compared to content that is written with a more neutral or even a negative tone.

The Power of Positive

One major aim of all public relations efforts is to create and maintain a positive corporate image and reputation. Using appropriate language to communicate with your target audience is crucial but so is the type of tone, or underlying attitude, that is read between the lines.

Oftentimes, your readers may not remember specifically what was said – but they will remember how it made them feel and project that back at you.

By manipulating the valence of a blog post, a recent scientific study revealed that a message written in a positive tone and using numerous explicitly positive and emotionally arousing words leads to a better perception of the corporation’s reputation and a stronger intention to engage with the company in future.

In the long run, this builds a stronger and more trusting relationship between corporation and clients. Further, researchers found that when a message is emotionally arousing, it is more likely to be remembered and even leads to deeper cognitive information processing, meaning clients are more likely to be deeply involved with the company at hand.

How to write like a proton

Here are a few things you can do to make your next blog post a success:

  • Frame your content positively. Think in terms of ‘everything is possible’ rather than ‘nothing is impossible.’
  • Get creative with your word choice. Adjectives like ‘prestigious’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘excellent’ will make your readers far more excited about what you have to say than neutral or negative words will.
  • Arouse your readers by making your content dynamic. The more exciting your posts, the more likely they are to want to engage with you in future. Use a variety of media such as videos, music, and high quality, colorful photos in order to stimulate intrigue and deeper levels of information processing.

Nice but Concise

The take-home message for PR professionals is the following:

People tend to believe that they are rational beings who process information selectively and systematically all the time. In reality, your readers, clients, and prospective customers are all emotional animals whose attitudes can be very much influenced by what feeling is transmitted between the lines.

The better you make them feel subconsciously when reading your next blog post, the more likely they are to want to hear more of what you have to say. Isn’t this fantastic?

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