LED Lighting Wholesale Platform Launched by LEDLuxor

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LED Wholesale Platform Launched by LEDLuxor

Wholesale LED Lighting E-Commerce Platform by LEDLuxor™

As you may know, the MemoTrek™ Technology Group has been supplying LED lighting wholesale directly from certified LED manufacturers market at leading B2B conditions to corporate customers and LED lighting distributors worldwide.

In order to provide better service to our LED lighting customers, we are proud to announce the launch of a new dedicated LED lighting wholesale platform that provides a convenient way of purchasing LEDs for corporate customers of commercial and residential lighting in worldwide locations and premises.

Therefore, LEDLuxor Illumination has been initiated as a new sales division of MemoTrek™ Technology Group that offers a good selection of quality LED lighting solutions as well as quality LED light bulbs and innovative LED outdoor lighting. Benefiting from our new state of the art secure B2B e-commerce platform, corporate LED wholesale customers will now be able to purchase their lighting products directly from certified LED manufactures and within convenient reach of their office desktops.

LED technology is currently revolutionizing both commercial and residential illumination by providing a energy efficient lighting solution that comes with huge advantages and tangible cost-saving benefits when compared with conventional lighting products. In a world where environmental issues and global warming are of growing importance, it is important that we all strive to promote environmentally friendly solutions and products in order to ensure that the future of our planet will be a positive one that's able to better sustain our global resources.

When you purchase wholesale from LEDLuxor Lighting you are buying high-quality LED lighting technology to affordable wholesale prices and at market leading conditions. Offering a wide and constantly expanding range of products, LEDLuxor™ aims to be your professional B2B wholesale distributor of LED light bulbs, light strips, industrial spotlights, flashlights and outdoor lighting.

LEDLuxor Lighting products are manufactured by a pool of qualified LED manufacturers in the Shenzhen area. All LEDLuxor suppliers are subject to strict auditing processes in order to ensure that they fulfill the high requirements & quality standards needed to become a certified LEDLuxor supplier.

Serving corporate customers worldwide, LEDLuxor is dedicated to ensuring your electricity bills decrease whilst you benefit from excellent quality LED lighting directly from dedicated suppliers. LEDLuxor’s advanced e-commerce supply-chain management and upstream expertise empowers our customers to benefit from low overheads and highly reliable quality to wholesale conditions.

Affordable LED Light Bulbs with Great ROI
Affordable LED light bulbs, such as the eco-friendly and extra bright 10W UltraLuxor LED light bulb or the 3W EcoLux light bulb impress with their premium quality and low prices and are available for purchase directly from the new LED wholesale site at market leading conditions.

Because LED light bulbs allows you to save up to 80% of your electricity bill, and because of this the investment of upgrading your lighting systems by switching to LED light bulbs is guaranteed to give you a great ROI and you'll be able to recover your initial investment soon.

LED Ceiling Lights Wholesale from Certified Manufacturers

Very popular with our LED customers are also the cost-saving ceiling light that are ideal for both commercial and residential illumination. If you are looking for ceiling LED lighting solutions, LEDLuxor has a variety of commercial-grade LED ceiling lights on offer for LED wholesale customers:

For example, the 5W LED Ceiling Light Industrial impresses with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours while using only 5W and for a very appealing price that ensures a fast return on your initial investment.

LED ceiling lights are an easy and elegant way of saving costs and reducing your electricity bill by up to 75-80%, and the amazingly long life-span will allow you to save money for many years to come.

Wholesale LED Light Strips & Branded LED Flashlights

Another best-selling LED product at LEDLuxor are the light strips available. One that is sure to brighten up your space at home or in the office is the LED Light Strips Flexible SMD 5050 Bright White model that's perfect for commercial settings such as product displays or entertainment venues.

Also, LED flashlights have already taken over the flashlight markets worldwide with their longer-lasting and bright lighting technology that makes the ideal combination for tactical flashlights as well as portable hand-tourches that powered by battery saving light emitting diodes.

A top-seller and favorite amongst LEDLuxor’s product range remains to be the LED Flashlight MicroLux flashlight. This portable LED flashlight produces up to 550 Lumens and is selling for only US$ 19.99 with additional discounts as well as complimentary logo branding for wholesale volumes.

LED flashlights can also be branded with your company logo and make an attractive promotional gift that stands out among other branded merchandise and shines a light upon your brand:

Leave a lasting impression and light the way for your customers by having your business logo printed on high-quality LED flashlights! Your customers will remember you for a long time and are very likely to use your branded LED flashlight in important moments of their life.

LEDLuxor’s Customer Service & Premium Support

The LEDLuxor Customer Support Team is always readily available and helpful for any questions, advice and service and will help make your purchase ideal for your needs and wishes. As a service special, LEDLuxor also offers free delivery worldwide by DHL express for wholesale orders of U$299 or more.

Have a look for yourself and consider the Top 10 Benefits of LED Lighting as you make your investments for a more affordable and green future from your professional LED wholesale and supply-chain management experts in the upstream LED trade.
The LEDLuxor news section covers important and current updates regarding LED innovation and technology, and will provide you with industry news and relevant information from LED manufacturers and upstream wholesale distributors of energy efficient LED lighting technology solutions.

LED wholesale buyers please contact LEDLuxor for a custom quote for your LED lighting!

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