Knoppix 7.4: New Release of Debian Based Live USB Linux

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Knoppix 7.4 Live USB Debian Linux

Knoppix 7.4: Powerful Live USB OS

Most out our reader's might have heard of Knoppix, the easy to use live Linux operating system that is primarily designed to be used as a Live CD and turn almost any computer into your own powerful Debian GNU/Linux workstation.

Today's computers generally support booting from USB devices, so you can load Knoppix from a live USB flash drive and use it without permanently installing anything to the host machines.

There's a fresh release of Knoppix 7.4 available, and is as usual based on Debian stable aka Wheezy and newer desktop packages from Debian testing and Debian unstable, while making use of kernel 3.15.6 and xorg 7.7 for better support of current hardware.

Knoppix 7.4 BootscreenKnoppix comes with a wide range of ready to use productivity software such as the office solution Libre Office 4.3.0, the powerful GNU Image Manipulation GIMP 2.8.10, optional TOR network integration, tools for managing Bitcoins and many more selected goodies from the very best of the Free Open Source Software and the Linux userland hemisphere.

Indeed, Knoppix careful software package selection and amazing compression technologies to run things from RAM memory provides you with a Swiss army-knife like Live USB Linux distribution that can be used for easy office productivity on the go, system repair & hardware analysis.

Because of Knoppix powerful on-the-fly decompression techniques, you benefit from 2GB of useful software applications using the smaller CD image of a few hundred MB, or up to amazing 9GB of available Debian software and useful Linux applications when using the DVD sized version that can run as a Live OS from a 8GB USB flash drive.

It's a good idea to own a dedicated 16GB or even better 32GB high-speed USB flash drive that is preloaded with Knoppix Linux, in fact such a device should be an integral part of every real computer geek's keyring chain and/or pocket.

With the power of Knoppix in your pocket, you can make sure that you're ready for anything.Knoppix Live USB Booting

A Knoppix Live USB can also be use to access and repair computers, and give you the power of a full-fledged Linux system that works on almost any kind of hardware:

Knoppix is famous for its very good hardware recognition and will be up running quickly on most computer hardware that's currently being used out in the open, and because of the advantage of LXDE as its main desktop environment Knoppix is lightening fast and snappy also when running on older hardware with less RAM.

You'll find the release version details and links to download on the official Knoppix site, and feel free to ask our friendly sales team if you're interested in buying USB flash drives with pre-installed Linux distributions or other free and open source software applications. MemoTrek™ supports Free Open Source Software and will be happy to pre-load your USB flash drives!

Update 2014-10-27: Knoppix version 7.4.2 is now freshly released and offers various bug-fixes. In addition to the 32bit standard kernel, the 64bit version of the same kernel is installed on the DVD edition, supporting systems with more than 4GB of RAM and chroot to 64-bit installations for system rescue tasks. In the DVD version, the bootloader will start the 64bit kernel automatically if a 64bit-capable CPU is detected (if not manually specified otherwise).

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