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Do you have a Warranty Policy?

Posted On: 2014-01-11 16:31:08 ; Read: 891 times

All branded merchandise and wholesale products supplied by MemoTrek™ are subject of our warranty policy and covered by a limited 12 months manufacturer warranty and quality assurance unless otherwise stated and with the exemption of prototypes and customized product samples.

Warranty Policy & Quality Assurance by MemoTrekAs a result of our continuous efforts to improve quality management, less than 1% of all wholesale orders with MemoTrek™ are subject to warranty related returns. Because of this all our branded merchandise and wholesale products are covered by a 12 months quality guarantee unless otherwise stated.

Please note that returns must be discussed with your MemoTrek™ Customer Support in advance, and authorized by your account manager so ensure that they are sent with the correct paperwork.

We can only accept returns with a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Number.

It's easy to receive a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Number - all you need to do is to fill out our RMA form or contact your MemoTrek™ account manager who will be glad help you out with more information and detailed instructions on how to easily return your products to us for further inspection.

You can learn more by reading our Warranty Policy or our more comprehensive Terms of Service.


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