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Privacy & Security

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Privacy & Security FAQ: Answers to the most frequent questions regarding privacy policies for customers & related security issues for ordering digital merchandise & wholesale electronics.

Security is important and we take data privacy very seriously:You can rest assured that we take all reasonable measures within our powers to secure all important transactions.In order to achieve and maintain a high level of security, we have several onion-like security layers featuring firew... learn more
It's easy to request a new password:Fill out the password reset form and enter the email address that is connected with your MemoTrek™ account and instructions for how to reset your password will be sent directly to your email address.In case you have any further issue related to your pas... learn more
Yes, we do have a Privacy Policy.We at MemoTrek™ take our customers privacy very seriously, and we only use the information collected to provide the services and products that you have been requesting from us, such as using your shipping address to deliver your consignment via DHL courier serv... learn more
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DHL Express Delivery

Your wholesale consignments delivered to your office swift and securely via UPS or DHL express.

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12 Months Warranty

Your purchases are well protected by our MemoTrek™ USB flash drives manufacturers warranty.

Product Sourcing

Dedicated purchase team with access to a supplier pool of certified Shenzhen electronics manufacturers.

USB Factory

Contractual USB flash drive factory and manufacturing plant for custom USB flash drives in Shenzhen.