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How much do you charge for product sourcing services?

Posted On: 2014-01-11 16:09:40 ; Read: 909 times

Product sourcing services is one of our competitive advantages and because of our upstream position in the supply-chain and our close location to the worldwide manufacturing hub of branded merchandise and consumer electronics in Shenzhen and the Pearl-River Delta.

If you choose to make use of our sourcing services and instruct us to help you with sourcing a suitable OEM manufacturer for your wholesale order, we'll charge a reasonable service fee based on the total order amount of your wholesale purchase with the manufacturer that we help you source.

You benefit from our transparent pricing structures and you will be provided with the actual cost of purchase for the products that you are ordering.

We'll charge a reasonable service fee for our work, which is usually between 3-5% of the total order volume. An initial due diligence assessment of the OEM manufacturer will be conducted before you place your wholesale order and in order to ensure that you purchase your products from a reliable and certified manufacturer who supplies high quality products and with a manufacturers warranty that meets your requirements.

Additionally, we can also help you to further ensure product quality and can conduct on-site quality control prior to shipment and delivery.

Please feel free to contact our sales team for more information regarding product sourcing services and OEM manufacturing.


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