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Payments & Billing

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Payments & Billing FAQ: Answers around your most frequently questions about payment options & billing related issues when ordering branded merchandise & wholesale electronics from the MemoTrek™ shop.

No, because IBAN is used mainly in Europe and is not common outside of the EU. Instead we use a SWIFT code to receive bank transfers.We frequently get this question from our European customers: they want us to provide the IBAN number for our bank account.  Well, we'd like to, but IBAN is us... learn more
Currently we accept the following payment options:PayPal Credit Cards Bitcoins Bank TransferYou can conveniently pay online via PayPal, the secure online payment method that is being used by millions of people worldwide. Your do not even need to have a PayPal account: You... learn more
In most cases we advise to split up larger wholesale orders of branded merchandise and OEM/ODM manufacturing jobs into sub-batches:By setting up an umbrella purchase agreement covering the entire lot and then dispatching the material in several sub-batches upon payment of each single batch we ar... learn more
Custom USB Drives by MemoTrek™

DHL Express Delivery

Your wholesale consignments delivered to your office swift and securely via UPS or DHL express.

Boost Your ROI

Boost your marketing ROI. Dropship to your clients with MemoTrek™ white-label delivery.

Affiliate Program

Join up with us today. Become a MemoTrek™ Affiliate and start to make some real affiliate money.

12 Months Warranty

Your purchases are well protected by our MemoTrek™ USB flash drives manufacturers warranty.

Product Sourcing

Dedicated purchase team with access to a supplier pool of certified Shenzhen electronics manufacturers.

USB Factory

Contractual USB flash drive factory and manufacturing plant for custom USB flash drives in Shenzhen.