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All wholesale orders from US$ 399 up benefit from free worldwide express delivery via DHL or UPS.

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Encrypted 256-bit SSL connections to secure your wholesale purchases.

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Continuous optimization of production processes & strict quality management.


We just receive the bamboo keys and I would like to thank you very much

We just receive the bamboo keys and I would like to thank you very much. This is really a nice product ! Thanks for your professional kindness all along the project. ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
Carole Broutin

Thank you for the wonderful customer service

Thank you for the wonderful customer service. We look forward to receiving our flash drives! ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
Erik Knutson

Just received the good, they look and feel excellent!

We just received the goods. They look and feel excellent, we will be contacting you again within the year for a larger volume purchase after introducing the goods to our market. ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
L. Arambulo
Costabella Holiday Resort

5x Custom SEO Articles 600-800 Words

5x Custom SEO Articles 600-800 Words
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Interested wholesale buyers of our custom USB flash drives and branded promotional USB gifts please feel free to request a personalized wholesale quote with discounted offers. In order to setup your detailed PDF quotation we'll need your contact address. The most efficient and secure way to transmit your information is via our encrypted 256-bit SSL connection and by doing the following easy steps:

1.) Sign up for your MemoTrek wholesale account

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