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Wholesale Benefits

Free DHL Delivery

All wholesale orders from US$ 399 up benefit from free worldwide express delivery via DHL or UPS.

Secure Purchasing

Encrypted 256-bit SSL connections to secure your wholesale purchases.

Quality Assurance

Continuous optimization of production processes & strict quality management.


Glad to receive the shipment, thank you for all support!

We are glad to say that we received the shipment with all 200 flash disks. Thank you for all the support that you have offered us...

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
T. Kamau

It's been really good dealing with you, thank you for making it so easy!

Our housings arrived today- woohoo!! They look great, thank you very much. It's been really good dealing with you and Memotrek, thank you for making it so easy. Until next time, be well and good! ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
Rhys Drummond

Content Creation

SEO Optimized Content Creation by MemoTrek™

MemoTrek™ helps you reach your full potential online through high quality, consistent, relevant & unique SEO optimized content. Let us help you boost your marketing with sustainable content marketing.

Content Creation & Digital Brand Marketing Reaching out to your target audience through eye-catching and head-turning information that is important within your field guarantees to attract and truly engage your customers.

Standing out as the expert in your field of knowledge and service requires intellectually stimulating and wisely thought out message strategies and high quality content combined with an in-depth understanding of your target audience.

Our digital communication specialists know how to match your marketing needs with your target audience in a dynamic and stimulating way, establishing deep levels of engagement and commitment from your potential clients and future customers.

Translating your brand and goals into a content strategy that is coherent, fresh and serves as a reliable source of information is crucial in building, maintaining and growing your target community to establish a high level of trust and credibility with your customers.

You create lasting & sustainable value by establishing your company as the expert in its field.

By analyzing your brand identity, keywords and marketing aims, we guarantee to establish unique high-quality & SEO relevant content that leaves your targeted audience inspired - as well as the Google spider busy indexing & ranking your company website's fresh & updated content.

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Custom USB Drives by MemoTrek™

DHL Express Delivery

Your wholesale consignments delivered to your office swift and securely via UPS or DHL express.

Boost Your ROI

Boost your marketing ROI. Dropship to your clients with MemoTrek™ white-label delivery.

Affiliate Program

Join up with us today. Become a MemoTrek™ Affiliate and start to make some real affiliate money.

12 Months Warranty

Your purchases are well protected by our MemoTrek™ USB flash drives manufacturers warranty.

Product Sourcing

Dedicated purchase team with access to a supplier pool of certified Shenzhen electronics manufacturers.

USB Factory

Contractual USB flash drive factory and manufacturing plant for custom USB flash drives in Shenzhen.