Thank you, my customer is very satisfied!

Thank you for the delivery of the MemoTrek USB flash drives! I've already made the delivery to my customer, who is very satisfied! ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
H. Stokke
Target Promotion AS

Pleasure dealing with you, extremely happy!

it's a pleasure dealing with you ...we will be referring you to a number of our clients...as we have been extremely happy with your service & communication to date....thanks again!..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
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Data Preloading

Data Replication & Preloading Services for Branded USB Flash Drives

Your wholesale purchase of branded USB flash drives offers a unique opportunity for your corporate marketing!

You can preload your company presentations, your product catalog or any other promotional materials, applications or software you desire and make sure you reinforce your corporate message and important sales materials to your customers.

Taking advantage our professional data preloading service you can provide your important corporate data to your business peers and reinforce your company message in a sustainable way and at the same time enable your customers to access your information.

Many corporate customers ask us to preload their data when ordering their custom USB flash drives:

  • Company presentations
  • Product price lists and catalog
  • PDF flyers and marketing brochures
  • Flash applications
  • Company websites
  • Client/server applications
  • Movies and videos
  • Any other data you can think of!

For the actual preloading of your data to the USB flash drives, there are two common methods that are frequently used:

1.) Normal Data Preload

Data Preload on USB Flash Drives

Your data files are being preloaded on the main partition of your USB flash drives, and your customers may access your files and view your presentations in a normal way, however they'd also be able to erase your data in case they wish to do so.

This is the most common form of data preload on branded USB flash drives and the default option that is being chosen by most of our corporate customers for their data replication.

The advantage of a normal data preload is that it remains more flexible for you to change and adjust any data that is stored on the USB flash drives later on while being perceived as softer and less intrusive from the point of the receiver, who is free to change or delete the data.

However you should keep in mind that because the receivers of the branded USB flash drives will be able to delete your preloaded data at a later stage, this method is not as sustainable as an un-erasable preload.

2.) Unerasable Data Preload

Unerasable Data Preload on USB Flash Drives

You may choose to have your data preloaded on a secured and separate partition of your custom USB flash drive. Data preloaded on a secure partition is not erasable, and this allows your important company data to become more sticky & constantly available.

Your customer may use the remaining part of the USB flash drives normally, but as they'll not be able to delete any data from the secure partition your company presentation or your preloaded PDF files or movies will be retained in a more sustainable way and remain readily accessible to your customers for many more years.

Please note that when opting for this way of preloading your files, extra care should be taken to assure that your content or presentations are correct, up to date and precise:

Because changing or adjusting your data will not be easily possible after it has been preloaded to your USB flash drives.

Data Preload Service Charge

You benefit from our industry leading professional USB data duplication services and our exceptionally low service charges for USB data replication and for preloading your branded custom USB flash drives with your sales presentations, movies or other important company data. A reasonable service fee is charged based on the total size of your data and as:

Total File SizeData Duplication Service Charge
up to 10MBFREE
50MB -100MBUS$ 0.30 /unit
100MB - 300MBUS$ 0.35 /unit
300MB - 500MBUS$ 0.40 /unit
500MB - 1000MBUS$ 0.50 /unit


How to send us your data

Your data can be either sent via email, or uploaded via secure SFTP to one of our servers depending on the data volume.

Size of DataRecommended Tranmission Method
less than 50MBEmail to our dedicated address for data preloads: Ask your account manager for more
50MB or moreSecure SFTP upload to our servers: Ask your account manager for more

For any questions regarding data replication for your order of branded USB flash drives please ask your account manager.

Wholesale buyers with OEM/ODM purchase requests please contact us!