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Welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster

As you may already know, Chinese communities worldwide are currently preparing for this years Lunar New Year celebrations. Also know as Spring Festival in China, this years “New Years Eve” is celebrated the 27th, and the 1st day of the new year will be 28th January.

The new year will be a year of the Fire Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac, and Fire Roosters are famous for being especially trustworthy, responsible and with a strong sense of timekeeping.

Generally, roosters are said to be hardworking, resourceful and self confident, and we at MemoTrek look forward to advancing these qualities...

GigaREX™ Wholesale Electronics Android OEM MegaStore

If you're ordering a lot of Android devices, LED lights & electronics gadgets online for your business then your life just got a whole lot easier. Because you now have the wholesale electronics megastore by GigaREX™ at the very tip of your click fingers & can buy your favorite Android gadgets & electronics online 24/7.

Optimize your electronics supply-chain by enabling your purchase department to order online directly from leading OEM suppliers in the GigaREX™ wholesale electronics megastore.

Shop your Android OEM tablets, your smart phones & many more electronics 'n gadgets...

Become a MemoTrek™ Affiliate Now & Earn Money

You can now start making some serious cash by promoting MemoTrek™ products on your website, your blog or via your social media accounts and from within your outgoing newsletters.

By becoming a MemoTrek™ Affiliate you can now earn a commission on every sales that you help us make and that comes via your referral link.

Simply publish your MemoTrek™ Affiliate referral link on your website or on your social media accounts such as your Facebook pages or Twitter account, and once your readers and followers click on the links and purchase from our online shop for branded USB flash drives and...

8 Reasons to Sign Up for a MemoTrek™ Account

Upon launching our new and revised website, we have also taken a big step forward in optimizing our wholesale order processing and further streamlined our supply-chain management system.

In order for you to better benefit from the advantages of our new e-commerce platform and the integration with our Customer Relationship Management system, it's important that you sign up for a MemoTrek™ account. There are several advantages of this, let's take a closer look into why you should sign up for an account.

1.) Better Security for Your Personal Data

Because of the encrypted SSL connection to our...

Reasons for Choosing MailChimp vs Aweber

As we're about to launch our new wholesale platform for branded merchandise and custom USB flash drives, our marketing department has been looking into how we can improve our newsletter distribution to provide our wholesale customers worldwide with better and more targeted newsletter delivery.

First of all a big thanks out to the folks at AWeber - we've been using their services for many years and have found their newsletter distribution both reliable and good. We where really impressed by the small but personal token of receiving a letter via snail mail signed by their CEO, which really gave a personal...

USB Wholesale Website Launched for MemoTrek™ Germany

Present on the German market since 2007 with a dedicated regional sales office, MemoTrek™ supplies a growing number of Germany’s leading wholesale distributors for digital media, data storage and electronics resellers as well as many of Germany’s top marketing agencies with wholesale batches and B2B volumes of branded USB flash drives.

Earlier this week MemoTrek™ launched a new German website developed by the web marketing department of the Hong Kong headquarter. Let’s look into what advantages and benefits this new German website for USB flash drive wholesale has to offer to...

Congratulations to the new MemoTrek™ sales office in Germany!

Close to the beautiful Bodensee, the new MemoTrek™ “Vertriebsbüro” (Sales Office) in Bad Schussenried is located close to the center of the booming high-tech industries of Bavaria in the heart of Germany’s more developed areas.

Also, the geographical advantage of this location is the short distance to our customers in Switzerland and Austria, allowing us to react swiftly and serve our customers with quality care they can rely on.

Certainly all our customers from countries throughout the entire European Union will benefit from the advantages and new possibilities of...

DHL Express Delivered from Hong Kong to UK within 24h

For us this is a new speed record from the guys over at DHL:

They picked up a sample of branded USB flash drives 11:28 at our USB manufacturing site in Shenzhen and delivered it on-door in Lambeth, UK next day 13:07.

Less than 24h that is!

Customers in Europe will now start to benefit from our faster reaction times especially when it comes to delivery of pre-production custom mold samples, customized USB flash memory or any other samples of our branded merchandise and motivators.

In order for you as a customer to receive your rush orders even faster and on-time for your campaign...