Branded USB Flash Drives: Wholesale Prices Update December 2011

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Branded USB Flash Drives Wholesale Price List

You Benefit from Low Prices on the NAND Flash Spot Market

You can now make sure that you benefit even more from our upstream position in the NAND flash spot-market & regular price updates in conjunction with the NAND spot market in Hong Kong:

Because of the low wholesale prices for NAND flash memory, our December price update offers lower prices than in September and especially for the 4GB and 8GB capacities. You can now download our fresh and updated price list for branded USB flash drives:

After our wholesale price update for branded USB flash drives back in October, we are glad to present our newest December price update for our wholesale USB flash drives.You now get discounted prices and benefit from the low NAND flash prices during this years’ 4Q, as manufacturers & NAND vendors keep short stocks as the spot market is still is driven by end-of-year seasonal sales and the hope that the early New Year may further drive demand.


NAND Flash Memory Demand Growth: Emerging Markets


Another growth factor for NAND flash applications to look out is certainly the number of new mobile subscribers throughout emerging economies. Most of the new internet users in emerging markets connect to the net via a portable terminal or a smartphone.

Rural areas in e.g Kenya that have undergone a digital revolution and that are now highly connected demonstrate the benefits of wireless connectivity and affordable smartphones that empower local communities with a new level of efficiency that enables both people and businesses to better handle a fast changing world and form new ways of living. While people may not so easily afford the newest and most fancy SSD equipped ultrabook, but still a decent entry-level 3G enabled Android phone such as e.g a Huawei that sets you back a US$80 and sells like Hotcakes in Kenya may be within reach to many of new participants to this digital age of connectivity that join the internet for their very first time via a mobile device.

On many emerging markets further growth in this segment can be expected during the next few years, as more and more people connect to the internet.


NAND Demand Growth Segment: Tablets, Smartphones & Portable Devices


NAND flash memory is one of the most costly item on the BoM for any smartphone. And tablet PC. Therefore and because these devices are currently about to replace significant segments of the traditional PC markets - much to the pain of DRAM players - it is safe to predict a rather stable NAND flash market demand throughout the next few years.

Both SSD for ultrabooks, notebooks and even servers as well as NAND flash memory that is used in smartphones and portable devices will generate growth within the NAND industry and for various parts of the supply chain. With the development of new storage technologies it is also very likely that we will soon have energy efficient and high capacity alternatives to traditional HDDs that are based on advanced forms of NAND or beyond.

We at MemoTrek™ wish to participate in connecting the world and by sharing with our worldwide customers our professional experience and dedication to constantly optimizing and improving supply chains and business processes in order to help our customers to benefit better from our unique market position and together develop a sustainable and prosperous business relationship.

Buy branded USB flash drives directly from MemoTrek™ & benefit from competitive wholesale prices, guaranteed quality standards & premium service.


For questions, wholesale enquiries and feedback feel free to contact us.

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