Branded USB Drives: Promotional Strategy for Maximum Impact

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Branded USB Drives Wholesale by MemoTrek

Best Strategy for Maximum Impact with Branded USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB flash drives branded with your company logo offer many advantages for your marketing department, and they make it easy for your marketing team to develop a successful USB promotional marketing strategy that will help you increase your marketing ROI:

Branded USB flash drives merge usefulness and convenience in a way that defies any other promotional product, all at a very attractive price point.

But how do you make sure a promotional flash USB drive works within your promotional strategy? Let's take a closer look at how you can increase the impact of your USB marketing campaign and boost your ROI so that you get more out of every penny you spend.

For example, when you buy promotional flash drives from MemoTrek™ you’ll typically engrave or imprint company information onto the device, such as your company logo and your contact information in order to create branded USB drives.

But these branded drives are about you. How do you maximize the marketing impact they make on each individual customer? This critical component of a promotional strategy is often overlooked.

Take a moment and think about your customers. What can you do to - or with - the promotional flash drive to make it about them? Answering this question will sharpen your promotional strategy and clarify what to do with your newly branded USB drives.

In the end, you can make every single promotional flash drive count.

Here are some ideas that will easily increase the impact of your branded USB marketing campaign:

  • Go for cool
    Beyond merely handing out basic branded USB drives, you can actually commission designs that reflect your products or business.
    And if the promotional flash drive has a “cool,” “cute” or “funny” factor working for it, you instill a positive impression on your customers every time they even glance at it.

  • Provide features useful to your customers
    Pre-program the promotional flash drives with clever auto-run software that both benefits your customer and requires some kind of interaction with your company. For example, as long as the software provides real value, customers will be happy to register to use it. Just be sure the promotional flash drive is useful for your customer’s needs. That’s crucial for an effective promotional strategy.

  • Offer options and make it personal
    When your customers have input into their promotional flash drive, they become more invested in it. Offer them a range of colors and shapes, or choices for the software that comes preloaded. Just don’t overwhelm with too many choices. To further personalize, if you buy promotional flash drives in bulk, consider inscribing common names onto the branded USB drives in addition to your own logo.

In short, do everything you can to make the promotional flash drives about your customer:

This will maximize the marketing impact and the value of your promotional strategy. Feel free to discuss your promotional strategy with your MemoTrek account manager: we're happy to share with your our rich experience and help you improve the ROI of your branded USB marketing campaign!

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