USB Key: Meet the MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB Flash Drive

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Metal Key USB Flash Drive by MemoTrek

MetalKey USB flash drives by MemoTrek™ are hitting the shelves!

You’ll be impressed by the truly functional design of our new MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB flash drives, as we proudly announce the arrival of a new and freshly brewed redesign of a true classic among all the many thinkable USB casing designs and shapes.

The MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB flash drives stands out as a ultra-portable storage solution that looks great on every keyring and let’s you carry your important data or your company presentation and sales material conveniently and on a safe place while still looking good on your keychain and making a sleek impression also on any meeting table or on more formal occasions and corporate events.

Packed inside a shock-proof solid metal casing in the sleek shape and design of a normal key, the MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB features a high-speed SSD NAND flash memory chip of up to 32GB that can be preloaded with your important company data, sales presentations or any other applications.

Metal Key USB Flash Drive by MemoTrekYou can brand the MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB flash drive with your company logo to make sure that your customers think of your brand every time they use this sleek little fella of a well designed USB drive.

And you can be sure that's gonna be a lot!

Chances are that you are much like many of our readers and customers, and that you have been using a wide variation of different USB flash drives. Because many of our customers seem to appreciate our cap-less models such as our best selling swivel USB flash drive Clip ‘n Easy and it’s heavy metal cousin the Iron Twister, we have decided to focus on new & innovative models that improve every day life by adding functional design & increased usability.

More is not always better, and we at MemoTrek™ tend to find that very often indeed less is more, and small can be beautiful. Especially when compact shape and ultra-portability is combining elegance with functionality, such as truely is the case with the MetalKey USB flash drives.

Beneath the minimalistic reduction to the absolutely necessary and needed can be found true simplistic elegance and timeless beauty. We strive to translate and implement this concept into the crafting and the classical designs of our USB flash drives and branded merchandise and motivators.

It’s certainly not easy to find a USB flash drive that can be more elegant, more functional or more esthetically appealing than the ueber-portable and minimalistic USB MetalKey drive by MemoTrek™.

The MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB flash drive comes in the elegant and classic shape of a plain metal key and fits perfectly on your keyring. Furbished with a high quality NAND flash memory chip or alternatively an A-grade originial Samsung or Intel memory with a up to 32GB capacity, the MemoTrek™ Metal Key USB makes the ideal flash drive to conveniently attach to your key-chain and carry with you on a daily basis.

With the MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB you can make sure that your customer is thinking about you every day as they use the Key USB to carry and store their important data, both when on business travel or on vacation and when at home or in their office.

Metal USB Key by MemoTrekProviding the ideal SSD storage media to backup your most important files, such as digital copies of your ID, your credit card or banking details, financial spreadsheets & other important documents that you need, the USB MetalKey fuses the advantages of SSD storage technology with the classic shape and convenience of a simple key.

Brand the MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB with your company logo and corporate website, and offer your customers and business peers a perfect promotional gift that is both modern, attractive, highly practical and with a long lasting sustainable durability.

Exclusively packed inside a sleek little metal box that can be printed with your logo, the MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB flash drive is sure to leave a lasting impression and expose your customers for your corporate brand for many years to come, and in important moments of their daily life.

Wholesale buyers with OEM requests please feel free to contact our sales team now!

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