Portable Mini-Speakers: USB Sound Systems Wholesale

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Portable Mini Speaker, Sound Systems & Stereo Headphones Wholesale

Wholesale Mini Speakers, Portable Sound Systems & Stereo Headphones Wholesale from OEM Manufacturers

Mini-speakers and portable sound systems wholesale directly from marketing leading and certified OEM/ODM manufacturers are now among the fast growing and carefully selected range of innovative branded high-tech merchandise and premium wholesale electronics offered in the new MemoTrek™ online shop. Stereo Headphones Wholesale from OEM/ODM Manufacturers

You’re looking for a fresh product for your wholesale trading business or are looking to distribute or drop-ship a new and attractive product to wholesale conditions?

Take your portable mini-speakers, stereo headphones and USB sound systems with you and share the love by turning up the volume and feed your favorite beats to your temporary neighborhood, or enjoy your favorite tunes in solitude and with our quality bass-boosting stereo headphones.

Your favorite songs and best-of MP3 playlist can now easily be save on a SD-card or USB flash drive and taken with you on the road. Just plug in your memory, or connect your iPhone or mobile phone with the portable mini-speaker using the 3.5mm standard audio cable and you transform your immediate surrounding into your own personal dancehall.

Turn up the volume. Let out your best beats and dirty grooves and make ‘em shake it...!

You can also make your friends handover their favorite tunes on a memory card and let them take over the DJ’ing for a while by playing their grooves or just connect their iPhones using a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Portable Mini Speakers with Logo Branding

Portable Speaker with Multi-Card Reader WholesaleAll in all, your company can benefit a lot from an attractive and young piece of promotional merchandise that conveys the image of a fresh and happy corporation and helps you build brand image and increase brand awareness especially also with your younger audiences.

And do you know what most successful brands have in common? They educate their customers starting from a very early stage. The best and most sustainable customers are generated and recruited in a very young age:

Just think about how long you’ve been eating your favorite corn flakes, used your favorite shaver or known the brand name of your favorite jeans brand... it's pretty sure to have been a while!

Branded with your company logo, a portable mini sound system with integrated multi SD-card reader and a standard 3.5m audio plug, our selection of stereo sound speakers are well designed and made to ensure long lasting usage, an amazing sound quality with clear crispy trebble frequencies, a rich middle range as well as a deep and solid bass sound. You can trust that this stylish and practical portable mini speaker for smartphones, netbooks and tablet PC's will make an attractive branded promotional gift that will stand out among other branded merchandise and help you to ensure that your corporate brand and logo leaves a lasting impression and creates strong and positive links and images in the minds of the receivers. Strengthen your brand-equity by using branded merchandise!

Portable mini-speakers are also an ideal gift in a corporate setting and for people who travel a lot on business: Many people use a portable mini-speakers to put extra effect into presentations, videoconferences as well as for the after-hours relaxing in the hotel suite or while poppin’ some of that sparkling water after successfully closing that hot deal.

You are sure to leave a lasting impression with the receiver and deeply connect your company brand and image with many happy moments - make a deep connection of your brand image with some of the most happy moments.

Wholesale Directly from Certified OEM/ODM Manufacturers

Based in the worlds’ biggest and most important manufacturing hub for innovative consumer electronics, high-tech gadgets, PC computers, netbooks, tablet PCs and similar handheld devices and computer peripheral our main offices are located in Shenzhen. The greater area of Shenzhen City can together with the surrounding areas in Guangdong account for the largest output and production area for consumer electronics including devices manufactured for Apple, such as e.g the iPhones and the iPad which are quality consumer electronics that are mostly being manufactured and assembled in just this region.

You benefit from our supply chain management experience, our strict quality management where supplier performance is carefully monitored and purchase processes constantly improved and optimized as well as our upstream position and close contractual relationships to some of major OEM/ODM manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale electronics and our dedication to fully satisfy our customers and all our important business peers and in order to sustain as a stable upstream vendor that delivers real value for partners, business peers and resellers in the worldwide supply chain of wholesale consumer electronics.

Only customers that are fully satisfied with the value that we deliver are ultimately going to generate lasting and sustainable business for us as a company, and by serving corporate customers in now more than 55 countries worldwide we are confident that our products and services are meeting the high requirements of demanding corporate B2B customers, Fortune 500 enterprises, NGO's as well as wholesale traders worldwide and comply with the high quality standards that are needed to create a successful and rapidly expanding international brand image and help building a solid corporate reputation among other upstream suppliers, manufacturers and major wholesale vendors of consumer electronics.

Buy wholesale USB mini-speakers with multi-card readers, portable sound systems wholesale and stereo headphones from certified MemoTrek™ suppliers and leading OEM/ODM manufacturers and you can make sure that you get best market value and outstanding quality to wholesale conditions.

Wholesale customers for OEM/ODM volumes of mini-speakers and portable stereo speakers for mobile phones, netbooks, tablet PC's please feel free to contact our friendly sales team now for more information.

Also make sure that you signup for a wholesale account in order to benefit from special discounted wholesale promotions and a subscription to our newsletter for industry relevant market information and special wholesale offers for registered members.

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