Custom USB Flash Drives: Top Benefits for Marketing

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Custom USB Flash Drives Top Benefits

Custom USB Flash Drives: Top Benefits for Marketing

Custom USB flash drives are one of today's most effective marketing tools, and come with many benefits that allow you to market your enterprise in a sustainable way that also reflects a cutting edge and modern corporate image.

So let's take a closer look at the many top benefits of custom USB drives for marketing. Marketing has gone through many phases in the last decade and companies are always looking for new ways to market their brand. Digital marketing is on the rise and it is considered as one of the best marketing tools presently.

Some companies still resort to more orthodox ways such as flyers, brochures, print ads and so on. The best way of marketing is getting your brand in front of your potential customer and to do that is to give them something that they will use every day.

USB Flash drives are most commonly used to transfer data from one device to another. Every manager, student, housewife, teenager and anyone who uses a computer also uses a flash drive. Flash drives have also become a way to promote your brand and create brand awareness in a certain area. Companies use Custom USB flash drives with their brand’s logo and slogan to gain customer interest.

Custom USB flash drives are cost effective and they provide you with the marketing results you want. Marketers want their brand to be on the customer’s desk and what better way to do than a USB flash drive? Your customer will give you extra points because you have given them something that is actually useful to them.

Most marketing techniques involve above the line and below the line promotions which have their advantages but sometimes a customer would like personal attention to feel special. The bond between the customer and brand becomes stronger, as a result he/she will continue supporting it for a long time.

Custom USB Flash DrivesThe perceived value of a promotional USB drive is further emphasized by the fact that it can easily and quickly store invaluable content to users such as children's photos, your favorite videos, songs with special meanings and precious documents.

When potential customers think of these multimedia items, they will also think of where they are stored: on your branded flash drive. This in turn creates a positive impression of your business with just a simple digital tool.

Marketing products such as fridge magnets, custom branded pens, wallets, clothing etc. have a lower useful life compared to a USB flash drive.

Secondly, custom USB Flash drives have more user practicality compared to all these products.  For example, custom branded hats will not suit everyone’s particular style or pens will run out of ink at some point and so on. As long as the USB drive is kept save, nothing will happen to it and your customer will use it frequently.

A normal 8GB flash drive costs only around a few dollars to manufacture which can be compared to high quality clothing such as e.g t-skirts that are logo branded. However, custom USB flash drives will have a much higher ROI compared to clothing items. No one wants to wear a company’s hat or jacket to a gathering or dinner because it is not their style. Most likely, that custom branded hat will end up in their closet or will be given away to someone.

On the other hand, custom USB flash drives will be right in front of your customers, on their desk. Whenever they will transfer any data through your custom flash drive, your brand name will be right in front of their eyes. Every time they use that flash drive you are getting brand repetition and that is your return on investment.

The portable nature of a flash drive will enable users to take it anywhere with them. As a result, your brand will be seen at a lot of places through just one customer. Students store their projects and homework on the flash drive and take it to different cafes to work or at a friend’s place. This means that through one customer, your brand is being shown to at least another 20-30 people. Multiply that number with hundreds or thousands depending on the kind of investment you are willing to make.

According to marketing statistics, custom USB flash drives provide more return on investment than any other souvenir. Companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing each year and all of this money is spent to create brand awareness and loyalty. Ultimately the goal is sales but for some companies the goal is brand repetition in front of the customers.

Custom USB Flash Drives for PhotographersAnother great way to use USB flash drives is: Branded USB flash drives for photographers and graphical artists.

Custom flash drives are simply the best marketing tool for photographers. Since the photographer already includes the cost of the medium on which the photographs will be provided, he/she doesn’t need to spend extra on marketing.

Photographers can get their own custom USB flash drives and provide all the photographs in that flash drive. For customers those pictures hold a sentimental value and they will do whatever they can to keep that flash drive safe. Secondly, if there are wedding pictures in that USB then they will show it to all their friends and if their friends like what they see in the picture then your name and contact information will be right on the USB.

When it comes to giveaways and souvenirs then custom USB flash drives are the best source of marketing. They are practical, usable, have a great ROI and create brand awareness with minimal effort.

Feel free to contact our friendly sales team now to get a wholesale quote for custom USB flash drives!

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