Branded USB Flash Drives: Updated Wholesale Prices Oct. 2011

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Branded USB Flash Drives Wholesale Prices for 4Q 2011

Keeping mainly stable prices as the holiday season is about to start peaking but also offering new wholesale discounts for 8GB, 16GB and 32GB memory capacities we are glad to announce our most recent October price update for branded USB flash drives. You can now view our fresh and updated price list for branded USB flash drives:

Wholesale Overview of Branded USB Flash Drives

Wholesale Price List for Branded USB Flash Drives by MemoTrek Updated

Valid from 19th October 2011 and throughout the first few weeks of the upcoming 4th Quarter of 2011, this update is subject to potential change without further notice and an estimated next update in early/mid November and as the yearly seasonal sales proceed.

NAND Flash Wholesale Price Outlook 2011/2012

Because of seasonal NAND flash replenishment demand on the spot-market in combination with new product releases throughout the season, the early October NAND flash contract prices for MLC NAND flash memory have remained stable, and wholesale spot prices for NAND flash memory are expected to rise as upstream vendors and wholesalers build inventories and prepare for end-of-year sales.

Another upcoming event to watch out for is the sub-30nm process technology that upstream NAND flash manufacturers are likely to deploy from end of this year, and some NAND manufacturers are looking to introduce new NAND flash memory products in the sub 30nm class already in November.

This will start having effects also on downstream vendors and wholesalers who are going to start to adapt higher memory capacities as manufacturers shift their output focus to 64GB and 128GB MLC products which will lead to cheaper 16GB and 32GB MLC NAND memory on the spot-market.

As to this years seasonal holiday sales, we forecast mainly stable NAND flash wholesale prices for the remaining 4Q of 2011 and until the market returns from Lunar New Year in early February. While general market demand in some of the core markets might not be as high as in earlier years, we still see a massive seasonal increase in order volumes.

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Wholesale USB flash drive buyers please also feel free to contact our sales team for a quote.

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