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The client is very satisfied with the bracelets

In the mean while, the client is very satisfied with the bracelets and I hope to work together with you soon. ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
Laura Ion
Effex Adv

We are really satisfied with your production!

The customized USB flashdrives arrived, we tried them out and they work properly. The engraving was fine too, so we are really satisfied with your production, and thank you very much for filling our order so quickly! ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
Deniza Zenari
Antea S.r.l.

We just receive the bamboo keys and I would like to thank you very much

We just receive the bamboo keys and I would like to thank you very much. This is really a nice product ! Thanks for your professional kindness all along the project. ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
Carole Broutin

Stereo Headphones CyberFunk

Stereo Headphones CyberFunk
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Branded Stereo Headphones Wholesale by MemoTrek™

Cool and colorful cyberfunk-style stereo headsets with extra bass-booster and furbished with stylish cyber-plated ornaments.

Your company logo can be branded on the stereo headphones when you purchase wholesale and directly from MemoTrek™ certified B2B suppliers and OEM manufacturers. Equipped with standard 3.5mm jack-plug, this high-performance stereo headset is suitable and plug'n play for most mobile phones, netbooks, tablet PC's as well as conventional laptops and PCs.

Stereo headsets have become an important and indispensable part of our every day mobile computing:

Listening to a podcast on your phone? On a SIP/VoIP call or in a video conference with your friend, family or business peers? Playing your favorite hip-hop grooves on full volume? Need to listen to that urgent voicemail you just got via email while you're at the airport for transit? You're most certain to be using your stereo headset a lot, especially if your on the road frequently and like to relax within the world of your sounds, or if you need to listen to voicemails or communicate with friends and business peers when you are on the go.

Let's face it - most often you won't be able to turn up that volume the way you'd want to... With the stereo headphones CyberFunk you can sit back, relax and turn up those wild grooves. Let out your musical beast and give 'em some beatz to break on.

Stereo headsets and multi-functional USB speakers with card-reader can be branded with your company logo and make a fashionable and attractive promotional gift that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with both your younger audience and customers and also with many of the more mature clients and business peers who like to turn up the volume once in a while.

Product Specifications

  • Speaker Diameter: 40mm
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-18000Hz (Hz)
  • Impedance: 32ohms
  • Max. Input Power: 400 mW
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Plug/Jack Type: 3.5mm

Applicable for Most Portable Computing Gear:

iPhones, Tablet PC's, Netbooks, MP3/MP4 Players, Laptops, PC, Mobile Phones

Wholesale customers with OEM/ODM manufacturing requests please contact us!

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