Affiliate Program: Wholesale USB Flash Drives

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USB Wholesale Affiliate Program

Become a MemoTrek™ Affiliate Now & Earn Money

You can now start making some serious cash by promoting MemoTrek™ products on your website, your blog or via your social media accounts and from within your outgoing newsletters.

By becoming a MemoTrek™ Affiliate you can now earn a commission on every sales that you help us make and that comes via your referral link.

USB Wholesale Affiliate ProgramSimply publish your MemoTrek™ Affiliate referral link on your website or on your social media accounts such as your Facebook pages or Twitter account, and once your readers and followers click on the links and purchase from our online shop for branded USB flash drives and promotional merchandise you'll get rewarded with a 5% commission on the total sales generated.

Benefits of Choosing the MemoTrek™ Affiliate Program

You benefit from the 120 days duration of the tracking cookie, so even if your customers does not buy immediately but at a later stage you can make sure that you get your commission.

When you sign up to become a MemoTrek™ Affiliate you’re partnering up with an industry leader for customized USB flash drives and branded promotional gifts.

Serving customers in now more than 63 countries, we at MemoTrek™ take great pride in providing our worldwide customers with premium service and high-quality products.

Among our satisfied customers you'll find many renown Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, famous universities and many important government institutions.

Many of our customers place regular repeat orders of their branded merchandise, and as you can see from our customer testimonials we do everything in our power to ensure happy and satisfied customers, because this is the only way to build a sustainable business.

Products are delivered via UPS or DHL express services to ensure on time delivery, swift customs clearances and fast turn-around for all wholesale orders. Our dedicated sales team answers calls and customer requests promptly, and you can rest assure that your referrals will be fully satisfied with their purchases from MemoTrek™ and the products they receive.

As a MemoTrek™ Affiliate, you also benefit from a dedicated affiliate manager as well as from our Affiliate Control Panel where you can manage your affiliate account, your tracking codes and review your generated sales commissions.

Further, you'll also be able to generate code snippets to create good looking widgets with images that you can easily place on your website or blog to generate more sales and thereby also earn more sales commissions.

How to Become a MemoTrek™ Affiliate

Becoming a MemoTrek™ Affiliate is easy, all you need to do to start earning money by referring customers is:

  1. Apply for affiliate membership by filling out the affiliate application form
  2. You'll receive an answer within a few days of application completion
  3. As soon as your account has been approved, you can referring customers
  4. Start earning commission on every sales that you help us generate
  5. Your commissions get paid monthly and via bank transfer of PayPal

And the best thing about the MemoTrek™ Affiliate Program is that it is risk-free and there's no downside, all you need to do is to place a few links on your blog or social media accounts.

Once you see your commission amounts grow you'll be fully convinced of the MemoTrek™ Affiliate Program and this will ensure that you help us promote our products even more, such as e.g also via your newsletters.

Sign up to become a MemoTrek™ Affiliate now & start earning commissions!

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