Just received the good, they look and feel excellent!

We just received the goods. They look and feel excellent, we will be contacting you again within the year for a larger volume purchase after introducing the goods to our market. ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
L. Arambulo
Costabella Holiday Resort

It's a pleasure dealing with you

It's a pleasure dealing with you ...we will be referring you to a number of our clients...as we have been extremely happy with your service & communication to date....thanks again! ..

Custom USB MemoTrek Testimonials
Tracey New
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Who We Are & What We Do

Our dedication is our strength!As your leading wholesale supplier of custom USB flash drives & innovative high-tech promotional merchandise with logo print directly from certified OEM manufacturers, we at MemoTrek™ are dedicated to empower you with a powerful promotional mix to successfully increase your marketing ROI by boosting your brand recognition & corporate impact with branded merchandise.

Many years of experience in an unique upstream position in the supply-chain for branded wholesale electronics, IT merchandise and portable computing gear empowers us with solid supply-chain process knowledge and streamlined organizational structures optimized for efficiency and low overhead.

With branch offices worldwide and order administration based Hong Kong, we at MemoTrek™ partner with several reputable contractual production facilities, branded merchandise producers and device manufacturers in Guangdong Province and the greater Pearl-River Delta.

Located in Shenzhen, the MemoTrek™ purchase offices feature an international management team that is ready to offer you the very best of different worlds that unite in their strive for excellence:

You as customer benefit from the advantages we gain through our long-term relationship to the world's leading electronics manufacturers and our supplier pool of certified USB flash drive manufacturers, NAND flash memory suppliers and OEM/ODM manufacturers from related industry fields.

Strict in-house quality management, in-depth supplier assessments in combination with regular factory visits and manufacturer audits enable us to supply wholesale electronics and branded merchandise to demanding corporate B2B customers and upstream electronics distributors in more than 62 countries worldwide.

Our team of marketing experts is ready to empower clients and customers to rapidly boost the effects of their digital marketing efforts using social media marketing campaigns, SEO content creation and logo design services and makes the ideal marketing agency both for fresh start-up companies that want to bootstrap into digital marketing as well as medium sized enterprises and large corporate organizations that seek to gain a tangible edge when it comes to digital marketing.

Your Benefits When Buying Wholesale from MemoTrek™

You benefit from purchasing your wholesale electronics directly from MemoTrek™ and because you buy from an upstream vendor with a direct link to the original manufacturer, this enables you to cut out the middle-men and drastically increasing your profits while enjoying the advantages of dealing with a trustworthy company with testimonials from customers in more than 62 countries.

With in-house assembly of advanced technological products and access to a pool of certified sub-suppliers and reliable partnering manufacturers we guarantee our customers quality products to the most advantageous conditions. Driven by the spirit of true international globalization we facilitate for our clients a new concept of e-procurement and B2B supply chain management where your wholesale electronics purchase starts directly within the source of production.

MemoTrek™ has been in the business for years and has established itself as a reputable international brand that is known worldwide for its high quality standards, attractive wholesale prices and absolute excellence when it comes to customer support & service.

Strengths & Competitive Advantages of MemoTrek™

Our dedication is our strength.

We focus on successfully empowering our customers to grow their business by boosting the ROI of their marketing budgets. Today's technology and highly efficient targeted marketing, it's possible to significantly increase the return on investment for every marketing penny spent. MemoTrek™ supplies satisfied corporate customers worldwide with a selected range of digital merchandise and branded promotional high-tech gadgets. You benefit from our mature supply-chain knowledge and our experience in handling wholesale volumes of branded merchandise.

Located in the world's main manufacturing hub for consumer electronics and worldwide supply source for USB flash drives, LED illumination, tablet PC's, netbooks and innovative portable computing gear we at MemoTrek™ are the first to explore innovative new products, see changes in current market trends and the first to realize new moods in the supply chain of wholesale electronics.

And we're happy to share our experiences as news with our customers.

MemoTrek™ sets out to continue growing it's e-procurement and supply chain structures by using impressive, revolutionary and functional open source software solutions that drastically reduce overheads and enable us to employ enterprise-ready ERP, logistics and supply chain management software that streamlines our supply chains and ensure smooth handling and expanding channels.

OEM & ODM Manufacturing Services

Our strong network of respectable and reliable ISO9001 certified manufacturers in Mainland China empowers us to outsource a wide area of different technology assembly within convenient reach of our own facilities.

Since being founded back in 2006/2007, the MemoTrek™ Technology Group has successfully managed to build up a solid reputation among upstream vendors of NAND flash memory, LED lighting manufacturers and other wholesale electronics suppliers and Shenzhen manufacturers for Tablet PC's, USB flash drive manufacturers as well as mould/tooling designers, printers and other industrial solution suppliers and is an active and renown player in the wholesale electronics industry. This gives us a unique position for providing OEM and ODM production services to our customers and clients.

You have certainly come to the right address if you are looking to increase the success of your marketing efforts with digital media and branded promotional merchandise directly from source. With MemoTrek™ as your digital marketing partner you can rest assured that every single dollar you spend on marketing is well worth and giving you back a great ROI that is very likely to make you want to further take advantage of our entire range of products and services.