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Custom USB Flash Drives: Top Benefits for Marketing

Custom USB flash drives are one of today's most effective marketing tools, and come with many benefits that allow you to market your enterprise in a sustainable way that also reflects a cutting edge and modern corporate image.

So let's take a closer look at the many top benefits of custom USB drives for marketing. Marketing has gone through many phases in the last decade and companies are always looking for new ways to market their brand. Digital marketing is on the rise and it is considered as one of the best marketing tools presently.

Some companies still resort to more orthodox ways...

NAND Flash Memory Price Trends, Outlook & Forecast for 2015

Analysts and main players both on the contractual market as well as on the wholesale spot-markets for NAND flash memory chips have seen some serious price variations while experiencing a certain level of constant price volatility in the market during the past years.

Because of this, and before we summon up some of the most important events that have had an impact on the volatile NAND flash wholesale spot-market during the recent years, we'll just want to make sure to get everyone on the same page regarding some technical cornerstones that are relevant to also better understand some of...

Your Logo on Custom USB Mice. Boost Your Brand Awareness.

Yes, as a follower or long-term customer of MemoTrek you probably now already about the amazing benefits of promoting your business with one of today's most effective marketing tools:

Custom printed USB flash drives are guaranteed to boost your marketing ROI by delivering sustainable brand awareness and increased brand recognition by your core customers segments.

Another sleek promotional article that is popular both with fresh startup companies as well as with established Fortune 500 enterprises are custom printed USB computer mice because they make a fresh & modern impression but...

5 Benefits of Custom USB Flash Drives for Photographers

Customized USB flash drives serve as the perfect multifunctional tool for professional photographers by replacing the traditional business card with a far more efficient promotional giveaway.

Professional photographers can benefit from customized USB flash drives by sharing not only one’s professional identity with clients and partners, but by simultaneously sharing the professional portfolio in the form of a pleasant, highly useful and also very attractive promotional gift.

It is the most effective way to promote your photography in a way that enhances a positive brand attitude...

Become a MemoTrek™ Affiliate Now & Earn Money

You can now start making some serious cash by promoting MemoTrek™ products on your website, your blog or via your social media accounts and from within your outgoing newsletters.

By becoming a MemoTrek™ Affiliate you can now earn a commission on every sales that you help us make and that comes via your referral link.

Simply publish your MemoTrek™ Affiliate referral link on your website or on your social media accounts such as your Facebook pages or Twitter account, and once your readers and followers click on the links and purchase from our online shop for branded USB flash drives and...

USB Flash Manufacturers on the Canton Fair 

The Canton fair which is hold twice each year in Guangzhou is well known as one of the worlds largest trade fairs, and it's also an important platform for USB wholesale distributors and manufacturers of branded promotional USB gifts to meet and conduct business.

With more than 55,800 booths and stands from various wholesale suppliers and Chinese manufacturers who promote a wide range of products to international visitors and traders from more than 200 countries and traders from all the world, the Canton Fair usually features more than 160,000 visitors on a crowded 1,125,000 m² exhibition...

Open Source Anti-Virus for USB Flash Drives 

You're on the road a lot and like to use your USB flash drives on different computers? You take computer security seriously and you have the habit of scanning both your USB flash drives and your host computer for viruses on a regular basis?

Let's hope so, or else you'd better start to protect your USB flash drives against malicious software and computer viruses asap!

We're glad to introduce to you a solid and powerful open source solution that enables you to scan your PC and/or your USB flash drive by running a portable application straight and conveniently from your USB flash drives.


8 Reasons to Sign Up for a MemoTrek™ Account

Upon launching our new and revised website, we have also taken a big step forward in optimizing our wholesale order processing and further streamlined our supply-chain management system.

In order for you to better benefit from the advantages of our new e-commerce platform and the integration with our Customer Relationship Management system, it's important that you sign up for a MemoTrek™ account. There are several advantages of this, let's take a closer look into why you should sign up for an account.

1.) Better Security for Your Personal Data

Because of the encrypted SSL connection to our...