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ClamWin Open Source Anti-Virus for USB Flash Drives 

You're on the road a lot and like to use your USB flash drives on different computers? You take computer security seriously and you have the habit of scanning both your USB flash drives and your host computer for viruses on a regular basis?

Let's hope so, or else you'd better start to protect your USB flash drives against malicious software and computer viruses asap!

We're glad to introduce to you a solid and powerful open source solution that enables you to scan your PC and/or your USB flash drive by running a portable application straight and conveniently from your USB flash drives.

Learn more about the benefits of using this powerful anti-virus solution for USB flash drives, iPhones and other portable media devices...

8 Reasons to Sign Up for a MemoTrek™ Wholesale Account

Upon launching our new and revised website, we have also taken a big step forward in optimizing our wholesale order processing and further streamlined our supply-chain management system.

In order for you to better benefit from the advantages of our new e-commerce platform and the integration with our Customer Relationship Management system, it's important that you sign up for a MemoTrek™ account. There are several advantages of this, let's take a closer look into why you should sign up for an account.

1.) Better Security for Your Personal Data

Because of the encrypted SSL connection to our server, your personal data is submitted via an encrypted channel. This is not the case when you send us your information...

Posted by in Corporate News on Oct 16, 2014 .

Reasons for Choosing MailChimp vs Aweber for Newsletters

As we're about to launch our new wholesale platform for branded merchandise and custom USB flash drives, our marketing department has been looking into how we can improve our newsletter distribution to provide our wholesale customers worldwide with better and more targeted newsletter delivery.

First of all a big thanks out to the folks at AWeber - we've been using their services for many years and have found their newsletter distribution both reliable and good. We where really impressed by the small but personal token of receiving a letter via snail mail signed by their CEO, which really gave a personal touch also because it's not so common to receive letters by post anymore these days.

So why have we decided to say...

The Power of Affect in Corporate Blogs & Content Marketing

It’s true: in many instances, it is not as much about what you say but rather how you say it. This applies also to the way you communicate with your corporate clients.

For the first time, researchers have established a causal link between the tone used in a corporate blog post and its effect on the perceived corporate reputation and engagement intention.

The results reveal a groundbreaking yet simplistic new consideration to improve the effectiveness of corporate communication.

Corporate blog posts written in a positive and arousing tone lead to a better perceived reputation and stronger intentions by clients to engage with the company compared to content that is written with a more neutral or even a negative...

Knoppix 7.4: Powerful Live USB Operating System

Most out our reader's might have heard of Knoppix, the easy to use live Linux operating system that is primarily designed to be used as a Live CD and turn almost any computer into your own powerful Debian GNU/Linux workstation.

Today's computers generally support booting from USB devices, so you can load Knoppix from a live USB flash drive and use it without permanently installing anything to the host machines.

There's a fresh release of Knoppix 7.4 available, and is as usual based on Debian stable aka Wheezy and newer desktop packages from Debian testing and Debian unstable, while making use of kernel 3.15.6 and xorg 7.7 for better support of current hardware.

Knoppix comes with a wide range of ready to use productivity...

Two-Factor Authentication with USB & Public Key Encryption

USB flash drives are on their best way to become major security boosters for laptops and computers, as new generation software solutions can transform a USB flash drive into a USB security lock.

What if a laptop, like a car, couldn’t run without a key?

A new group of software utilities has emerged that purports to create just such a USB key lock out of a common USB flash drive. Used together with password protection, this gets you up on something almost in the league of industrial strength security levels that also banks use for their ATM cards.

So let's go look into these USB security keys!

So imagine: yet another government or big business employee looses yet another laptop. But rather than placing the...

Use a USB Flash Drive to Add Extra Virtual RAM to Your Computer

As you all know, USB flash drives are highly useful for transporting data from one computer to another, but for those out there still using Window$, yet another innovative feature is available:

USB flash drives can be used to boost your virtual RAM and give your machine more brainpower to handle multiple tasks. RAM refers to random access memory, which is the computer's short term memory. So to sum it up with easy words: RAM memory keeps your machine thinking while several programs are open.

While flash drive RAM won't be as effective as the RAM installed on the computer, it is certainly helpful to have this little memory boost for your many tasks and until more physical RAM can be installed in the...

USB Wholesale Website Launched for MemoTrek™ Germany

Present on the German market since 2007 with a dedicated regional sales office, MemoTrek™ supplies a growing number of Germany’s leading wholesale distributors for digital media, data storage and electronics resellers as well as many of Germany’s top marketing agencies with wholesale batches and B2B volumes of branded USB flash drives.

Earlier this week MemoTrek™ launched a new German website developed by the web marketing department of the Hong Kong headquarter. Let’s look into what advantages and benefits this new German website for USB flash drive wholesale has to offer to MemoTrek customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as throughout the European Union.

"Our commitment to excellence is...