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Use a USB Flash Drive to Add Extra Virtual RAM to Your Computer

As you all know, USB flash drives are highly useful for transporting data from one computer to another, but for those out there still using Window$, yet another innovative feature is available:

USB flash drives can be used to boost your virtual RAM and give your machine more brainpower to handle multiple tasks. RAM refers to random access memory, which is the computer's short term memory. So to sum it up with easy words: RAM memory keeps your machine thinking while several programs are open.

While flash drive RAM won't be as effective as the RAM installed on the computer, it is certainly helpful to have this little memory boost for your many tasks and until more physical RAM can be installed in the...

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Branded 8GB MetalKey USB Drive Waterproof incl. Logo & DHL

Just in time for your end-of-year sales 2013 we're glad to introduce our new wholesale offer for the waterproof MetalKey USB flash drive in an all inclusive USB marketing package to get you started with promoting your company brand to your most loyal customers and important business clients.

With the end of a successful year approaching, now is the time to make sure you leave one final lasting impression that takes your business partners and clients through to a fresh start into 2014.

There is no better time or way to bridge the gap between the old and new seasons than to make sure your brand leaves a memorable and long-lasting impact!

You are looking for a unique, tasteful and useful promotional gift, branded...

MetalKey USB flash drives by MemoTrek™ are hitting the shelves!

You’ll be impressed by the truly functional design of our new MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB flash drives, as we proudly announce the arrival of a new and freshly brewed redesign of a true classic among all the many thinkable USB casing designs and shapes.

The MemoTrek™ MetalKey USB flash drives stands out as a ultra-portable storage solution that looks great on every keyring and let’s you carry your important data or your company presentation and sales material conveniently and on a safe place while still looking good on your keychain and making a sleek impression also on any meeting table or on more formal occasions and corporate events.

Packed inside a shock-proof solid metal casing in the sleek shape and...

Branded USB Flash Drives Wholesale Prices for 4Q 2011

Keeping mainly stable prices as the holiday season is about to start peaking but also offering new wholesale discounts for 8GB, 16GB and 32GB memory capacities we are glad to announce our most recent October price update for branded USB flash drives. You can now view our fresh and updated price list for branded USB flash drives:

Wholesale Overview of Branded USB Flash Drives

Valid from 19th October 2011 and throughout the first few weeks of the upcoming 4th Quarter of 2011, this update is subject to potential change without further notice and an estimated next update in early/mid November and as the yearly seasonal sales proceed.

NAND Flash Wholesale Price Outlook 2011/2012

Because of seasonal NAND flash...

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USB Travel Kits Wholesale with Logo Branding

You are looking for branded merchandise that is innovate, functional and high-tech?  You need a promotional gift that is suitable as give-away for your start-up company’s targeted marketing campaigns, and that reflects your young brand image?

Seek no further, because you now have found! Brand a MemoTrek™ USB Travel Kit with your company logo, and hand out an attractive and useful piece of high-tech merchandise during your next corporate seminar, as free give-away for your Facebook marketing campaign, or as highly-targeted loyalty gift to repeat customers or for your VIP subscribers.

Wholesale USB travel kits with logo branding are ideal promotional gifts for technology companies, internet start-ups, online service providers...

Wholesale Mini Speakers, Portable Sound Systems & Stereo Headphones Wholesale from OEM Manufacturers

Mini-speakers and portable sound systems wholesale directly from marketing leading and certified OEM/ODM manufacturers are now among the fast growing and carefully selected range of innovative branded high-tech merchandise and premium wholesale electronics offered in the new MemoTrek™ online shop.

You’re looking for a fresh product for your wholesale trading business or are looking to distribute or drop-ship a new and attractive product to wholesale conditions?

Take your portable mini-speakers, stereo headphones and USB sound systems with you and share the love by turning up the volume and feed your favorite beats to your temporary neighborhood, or enjoy your favorite...

Wholesale Metal USB Flash Drive Branded with Your Logo

Do you want to boost your company’s sales by significantly increasing your conversions rates, repeat orders and customer loyalty? Then this sleek metal USB flash drive is for you. Freshly brewed and straight from the source, we at MemoTrek™ are proud to announce the TubeFlash USB drives.

These unique and well designed tube-shaped metal USB flash drives feature a colorful and protective silky-touch coating that can be elegantly imprinted with your company logo to boost your corporate message.

Use the TubeFlash USB Drive to Create Lasting Links

You can order the TubeFlash preloaded with your data, which can be normally written or alternatively stored on a separate read-only partition to better sustain your...

Best Strategy for Maximum Impact with Branded USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB flash drives branded with your company logo offer many advantages for your marketing department, and they make it easy for your marketing team to develop a successful USB promotional marketing strategy that will help you increase your marketing ROI:

Branded USB flash drives merge usefulness and convenience in a way that defies any other promotional product, all at a very attractive price point.

But how do you make sure a promotional flash USB drive works within your promotional strategy? Let's take a closer look at how you can increase the impact of your USB marketing campaign and boost your ROI so that you get more out of every penny you spend.

For example, when you buy promotional flash...