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Valentine’s Day: A heart full of USB Memory

Blog - Promotional USB Gifts
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
USB Stick Memory Heart
Give away a USB Heart full of memory
Here it comes again. This year’s Valentine’s Day, just a few moments away and closing up fast. A good opportunity to show your special one how much you really care. And you really are expected to come up with something original, aren’t you? But, what is left? What is there still untouched, what parcels and tokens of love have not already been given?

Ever wondered what to give your Valentine during your romantic dinner? Roses are bulky, and let’s face it: roses are definitely an old classic - but they’re not going to make you appear sparkling of creativity either.

We have the solution: give away a heart full of USB Memory!

Meet our MemoTrek Valentine’s Special - an elegantly designed piece of promotional USB flash drive that flows into the upcoming trend of USB jewelry and makes the ideal gift for your special Valentine. Surprise your beloved-one with something new and different this year: personalize the USB Memory Heart with the memories of your most romantic moments and pre-load the high-speed USB 2.0 flash chip with the finest collection of pictures, videos and the music you both love.

This bright metallic-red heart is designed to attract. Hidden safely behind its cherry-red shell of seduction there’s a speedy NAND flash memory chip furbished with your choice of 1GB or 2GB.

While nothing lasts forever, at least the included high-speed Hynix flash memory is guaranteed to retain your precious moments for at least ten years:

With room for more than 40.000 pages of intimate love-letters, 1.200 pictures of your special moments and 128 of your favorite mp3 music files the 2GB capacity gives you enough flash memory to still leave room for future growth and many more of them wonderful moments.

Furbished with an extra-long deluxe chain and exclusively packed in your choice of:

USB Stick Memory Heart
Valentine's Special: USB Memory Heart
  • black velvet bag
  • sleek metal giftbox with window
  • red Valentines packaging of carton
With the complementary printing of your logo or love message in silver or white we can equip this trendy promotional USB flash drive with your unique signature to make you stand out from other Valentines.

This product is very likely to be a runner for this year’s Valentines retail-sale and we know for certain that’s it’s good the be out early – and this can be said to be true for both love and business.

More details on the USB Stick "Memory Heart" here

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Sandy said:

  Hey there!

Is it possible to buy a single USB Heart??

Greetings from UK
February 13, 2008

MemoTrek Sales Department said:

  Hello Sandy!
Thank you for your interest in our products!
As we are a wholesale enterprise for customized USB flash drives we usually do not sell single USB sticks.
But due to the raised demand for our USB Memory Heart during the last weeks we have set up a new website. You can order your USB Memory Heart and pay it directly via PayPal on: www.usbherz.de
We will send you the USB stick immediately after we received your contact details.

With best regards
MemoTrek Sales Dept.
February 15, 2008 | url

Oke Akiri said:

  We appreciate your good works but at what rate can you print upon and load up any usb with logo and internal info's we may require? We would require 5 cpies of any samples we order to support our marketing effects upon our potential clients. The succesul orders would eventually be very large.

Thank you.

Oke Akiri
For: Fortunetechnic Global Services Limited

June 27, 2008

MemoTrek Technologies Ltd. said:

  Hello Oke Akiri,

and thank you for your comment and interest in our products!
We specialize in supplying high volumes of promotional USB flash drives to corporate customers worldwide, and do provide professional silkscreen printing up to 4 colors or a more discreet but tactile laser engraving for most of our models.

You'll thus get a high-quality flash drive with your company logo, either in color print or with a laser engraving or branding, and also we can pre-load the flash memory with your data. Many customers choose this ideal promotional gift to communicate not only their brand and logo to customers, but also conveniently include their sales presentation or link to their website.

Also we have received your detailed request and one of our sales representatives will contact you soon with a detailed offered including our pricing for the quantities that you've mentioned.

With all the best and kind regards,
MemoTrek Support Team
June 29, 2008

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