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Art of Customization 03: Laser Engraving

Printing & Customization
Your Logo: With Lasting Precision
Laser engraving is simple, elegant and truly timeless choice to customize your promotional USB flash drives.

The Art of Customizing a USB flash drive using a highly precise computer-controlled laser head to engrave, mark, or etch your company logo onto the metal surface of the USB casing is different from other types of engraving:

The technique of laser engraving does not wear out any tool-bits, and so there's thus no need to have anything replaced. This is a great advantage and makes laser engraving a very fast, flexible and powerful way of customizing USB flash drives. Due to the relatively low set-up costs this is also a very suitable customization method for medium wholesale volumes and rush orders of promotional USB flash drives with logo customization.


Art of Customization 02: Screen Print

Printing & Customization
Your Artwork - Professionally Customized
You have made up your mind and wish to order your customized USB flash drives from MemoTrek. But how to customize the USBs? What type of customization is best suitable for the pen drive you have chosen, and how to render your logo to make a powerful first impression with your corporate design and branding?

For customized USB flash drives, screen printing is the most versatile printing process. Using this technique printing on almost every material is possible: paper, carton, metal, wood, textiles, stone, food, leather, plastic. You achieve stunning effects when used to customize a MemoTrek USB flash drive with your branding and your company logo. Let's look deeper into the fascinating Art of USB Screen Printing...


Art of Customization 01: Hot Stamping

Printing & Customization
Distinguished Understatement
You want to order one of our leather furbished USB flash drives? Then the embossing of your logo is the most elegant option to both underline quality and to give a distinguished touch of exclusivity.

Your company logo or artwork will be impressed as a three-dimensional image on the surface and enhance the look-and-feel of the leather material to become a true tactile sensation.

So, how does this work? Let us put some light on this issue and try to find out more...

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