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Best Deal: 4GB USB Flash Yard with Logo

Special Discounts
Best Deal: Innovative USB Flash Yard
You’ve got important corporate events in January and are looking for the best deal for a high-end promotional gift that gives you a lot of value for your money?

Your customers and important clients will certainly love it!

Benefit from our special offer of promotional USB flash drive “Flash Yard” all inclusive and to a stunningly low price. You’ll make sure to create a stunning effect and leave a lasting impression. Be quick: this is a special promotional offer and valid only as long as stocks last!


NAND Flash Prices: 4Q Trends & 2010 Forecast

Suppliers and Manufacturers
Fast Growing Bit-Demand & Falling Capex
You’ve been following the NAND flash price trends and wholesale trade throughout the year and are interested in getting an in-depth overview of recent trends as well as our outlook on the NAND flash market developments and forecast for NAND flash prices in 2010?

A fast year full of action is what we look back upon here on the NAND flash spot market in Hong Kong, the place where USB flash drive suppliers and manufacturers of SSD memory, SD cards and mobile devices that use flash memory are busy trading wholesale volumes of NAND flash memory chips.

Let's look into some of the milestones of 2009's core price developments, sum up the current NAND flash market situation and give you our general forecast for NAND flash memory prices and market trends in 2010...


Antivirus USB Flash Drives: ClamWin

Portable Software
Antivirus for USB Flash Drives
You're on the road a lot and like to use your USB flash drives on different computers? You take computer security seriously and you have the habit of scanning both your USB flash drives and your host computer for viruses on a regular basis? Let's hope so, or else you'd better start to protect yourself and your USB flash drives against malicious software and computer viruses asap!

We're glad to introduce to you a solid and powerful open source solution that enables you to scan your PC and/or your USB flash drive by running a portable application straight and conveniently from your USB thumbdrive.

Learn more about the benefits of using this powerful antivirus solution for USB flash drives, iPhones and other portable media devices which is also completely open source and purely copyleft GPL licensed...


Custom USB Flash Drives & Novelties

USB Flash Drives
Sushi USB Flash Drives
USB flash drive manufacturers started out with pretty utilitarian designs and laughable memory, but boy, have things changed. Today you can indulge nearly any fantasy with enough gigs to load it with the original Star Wars movie to carry with you everywhere.

Because, really, who wants to be caught without proof if an argument breaks out about who made the first move?

For some inexplicable reason, realistic food has become a very popular design for custom USB flash drives: Fresh fruit, junk food, bakery goods and even sushi is available in lifelike plastic to adorn your computer, store your stuff and presumably remind you that Second Life cafés don't offer much in the way of real life nutrition...


China's USB Flash Drive Suppliers on Holiday

Suppliers and Manufacturers
Mid-Autumn Festival in China
More than 90% of all USB flash drives worldwide are produced and manufactured in China. Most of the worlds main USB flash drive manufacturers and USB flash memory suppliers are located in the Shenzhen area of Southern China, which is also serving as the world's factory for various high-end electronics and gadgets.

Due to the upcoming Chinese National Day on 1st October and the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, also called the Moon Cake Festival - entire China is halting its production for at least four days as all factories, offices and governmental institutions are returning to their homes to celebrate these events, or decide to take this opportunity and go on a well deserved holiday with their families.

Our Sales Team will still be up running and taking orders during the holidays, but minor delays in delivery times especially of high-volume batches of USB flash drives are to be expected. Production will be back on full speed by 2nd week of October.


How to Use USB Flash Drive Memory as RAM

USB Flash Drives
Boost Your Memory with USB Flash
USB flash drives are useful for transporting data from one computer to another, but for those using Windows Vista, flash drives have another purpose; they can be used as RAM. RAM refers to random access memory, which is the computer's short term memory. This memory keeps your PC moving while several programs are open.

While flash drive RAM won't be as effective as the RAM installed on the computer, it is certainly helpful to have this boost until more RAM can be installed in the system. Learn about how to use your USB flash drives as RAM and follow these easy steps to boost your memory...


24h Express Orders: USBs in a Flash

Delivery & Shipping
MemoTrek™ USB Flash: Right on Time!
You are in a hurry and need your MemoTrek™ USB flash drives quickly? We can arrange for priority production of your order and dispatch your USB flash drives within 24h after your order confirmation!

Your upcoming company event is closing up with fast steps, and you've got your hands full of important tasks that you need to manage, and plenty of vital time lines that you need to keep in order to succeed. Learn more about how our 24h Rush Order service for custom USB flash drives can help you guarantee great events, smooth planing and full impact of your USB campaign...


USB Wholesale News: Follow Us on Twitter!

Company News
Tweeting Market News & Price Updates
You've heard about the Twitter hype, and probably many of our readers follow us on Twitter already.

But let's not assume that everyone knows we're there, and use this as an opportunity to introduce to you a new, exciting and increasingly popular channel for viral communication. Our Twitter stream is covering hot topics regarding USB flash drive wholesale, NAND flash price trends and news updates provided from insider sources within the semiconductor industry and some of today's leading upstream manufacturers of USB flash drives.

So what's the main benefit of following us on Twitter, in addition to reading our blog and subscribing to our RSS news feed? Well, to sum it up: We twitter more than we blog. Find out more about how this can help you to retain and develop your competitive advantage...


Kenya: MemoTrek Branch in Nairobi

Company News
USB Flash on Emerging Markets: East Africa
The world is changing rapidly, as do countries and also entire regions, especially here in East Africa:

We're proud to announce the establishment of a new regional MemoTrek branch office in Nairobi, Kenya.

MemoTrek Kenya goes operational as of today and is catering for the fast developing markets throughout the Great Lakes Region, supplying wholesale volumes of customized USB flash drives to corporate customers in the neighboring markets of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and most of Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn more about these exciting new USB markets...


Art of Customization 03: Laser Engraving

Printing & Customization
Your Logo: With Lasting Precision
Laser engraving is simple, elegant and truly timeless choice to customize your promotional USB flash drives.

The Art of Customizing a USB flash drive using a highly precise computer-controlled laser head to engrave, mark, or etch your company logo onto the metal surface of the USB casing is different from other types of engraving:

The technique of laser engraving does not wear out any tool-bits, and so there's thus no need to have anything replaced. This is a great advantage and makes laser engraving a very fast, flexible and powerful way of customizing USB flash drives. Due to the relatively low set-up costs this is also a very suitable customization method for medium wholesale volumes and rush orders of promotional USB flash drives with logo customization.


Emerging Markets: USB Flash Growth

Company News
USB Flash Drives on Emerging Markets
Driven by our rapidly expanding base of international wholesale customers worldwide, we're happy to be looking upon a growing number of satisfied buyers, clients and resellers who purchase MemoTrek USB flash drives in now more than 42 countries worldwide.

Emerging markets both in South America, the Middle East and Asia have increasingly been gaining weight and importance during 2009 so far. Our records show an increasing amount and frequency of USB flash drive wholesale orders from core customers and resellers in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Dubai, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia and the Greater China Region, just to mention a few of the emerging countries and regions that have been coming in with growing market demands for wholesale purchases of custom USB flash drives during the past few months.

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