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24h Express Orders: USBs in a Flash

Blog - Delivery & Shipping
Friday, 14 August 2009
MemoTrekô USB Flash: Right on Time!
MemoTrekô USB Flash: Right on Time!
You are in a hurry and need your MemoTrekô USB flash drives quickly? We can arrange for priority production of your order and dispatch your USB flash drives within 24h after your order confirmation!

Your upcoming company event is closing up with fast steps, and you've got your hands full of important tasks that you need to manage, and plenty of vital time lines that you need to keep in order to succeed. Learn more about how our 24h Rush Order service for custom USB flash drives can help you guarantee great events, smooth planing and full impact of your USB campaign...

Organizational skill, time management and intelligent allocation of your resources is critical and you need to ensure that all loose ends come together to form a tight knot so that your event releases its full impact and stands out as a truly memorable event both for your clients and your co-workers.

Murphy's Law tells us that there will always be something missing, always something that's not working along with your perfect planing and in-depth forecasts. Here comes the good news:

If it's about the custom made USB flash drives that you plan to use during your next big event, you can sit back, take a deep breath and relax!

Today's demanding business surrounding requires that you and your staff accomplish a huge amount of planing and work, especially if you want to organize and host corporate events such as exhibitions, seminars or workshops. In most cases, everyone is highly busy, and reality tends to turn out slightly differently that how you imagined it to be during your initial planing phase.

Especially during the remaining few days that you have left before the event is about to start, things tend to get busy and sometimes even a bit out of control. This is normal in most of today's business settings.

Precise timing and just-on-time based supply chain management is getting more and more important every day. But sometimes things just don't turn out the way you've planned them, and that's when MemoTrekô is there to help you buffer out and get your schedule back on tracks.

Benefiting from our 24h Express Order service you can now lean back and rest assured that your original MemoTrekô USB flash drives will be dispatched within 24h after your order confirmation.

This is possible with laser engraving as your choice of customization method, and possible for most of our models with a metal surface that supports logo customization by precise laser engraving.

24h for production - and in best case DHL or UPS will deliver your finished MemoTrekô USB flash drives to your office within just the same amount of time.

We wrote about a DHL delivery within 24h some years ago. Usually DHL will take 2-3 days, but hey we still experience surprises and rapid deliveries:

The world is turning faster and faster, and that goes for DHL and UPS as well!

We all know that time is money, that is why we charge a reasonable fee for this extra service, depending on your total order volume. For more information please feel free to contact us!

Contact our friendly Sales Team for more information on 24h Rush Orders now!

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Fernando Martinez said:

  Hi we need 3-500 pc for a company event in Venezuela next week. Can you do? What is the minimum order for this 24h express service? Thanks, Fernando
August 15, 2009

MemoTrek Support said:

  Hello Fernando,

thank you for your comment and your interest in our products!

We can do up to 500 units using our 24h Express Service, and our min. order quantity for this service is 100 units. On special request and against an extra fee we can also supply 50 units.

Our Sales Team has just now sent you more information!

Please feel free to contact us directly for any questions of if you need our further assistance!

Looking forward to serving you as our customer,
and with best regards

MemoTrek Support
August 15, 2009

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