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MemoTrek Germany: New USB Wholesale Website Online

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010
MemoTrek Germany: www.memotrek.de
MemoTrek Germany: www.memotrek.de

Present on the German market since 2007 with a dedicated regional sales office, MemoTrek supplies a growing number of Germany’s leading wholesale distributors for digital media, electronics resellers and many of Germany’s top marketing agencies with wholesale batches and B2B volumes of USB flash drives.

Earlier this week MemoTrek launched a new German website developed by the web marketing department of the Hong Kong headquarter. Let’s look into what advantages and benefits this new German website for USB flash drive wholesale has to offer to MemoTrek customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland...

"Our commitment to excellence is reflected in continued investments in manufacturing, quality and customer service. The continuous monitoring of all processes, our strict quality management system, accurate financial planning, cost management and a clear market focus ensures that our customers receive superior products at reasonable prices," the press was told by a spokesman for public relations with MemoTrek Technologies Germany.

Taking advantage of internet based tools to enable efficient team work and real-time collaboration, MemoTrek is able to boost synergies across both various continents as well as time zones and thus significantly increase their overall productivity by usage of modern web technology and advanced intranet applications such as CRM and ERP solutions. Wiki-based knowledge management systems customized for the USB flash drive business and optimized for NAND flash memory supply-chain requirements enable rapid and precise order processing, while at the same time making it easier to streamline internal work processes and thus helps the company to operate with a minimal overhead.

Low costs of operations due to high efficiency and streamlined supply chains translate directly into huge price advantages for our wholesale customers, and this is certainly an important factor for MemoTrek to succeed within the highly competitive market surroundings for branded USB flash drives and custom USB manufacturing in Germany.

"Already having build up market shares by combining optimized production flows within our manufacturing units with friendly and highly efficient localized German customer service to satisfy also the most demanding Fortune 100 clients, USB wholesale distributors, USB flash drive resellers and B2B dealers, as well as important European institutions, large international NGO’s and also schools and universities, we look forward to further expand our market share and firmly establish MemoTrek as the leading supplier for USB flash drives on the European market", said a spokesman of MemoTrek Germany earlier today.

MemoTrek Technologies Germany features several strategic advantages to establish a leading position on the German USB flash drive market. Among the advantages of MemoTrek's positioning in Germany are:

  • Fast production times and turn-arounds, also for large volumes of USB flash drives
  • Price advantages due to long-term relationships to manufacturers and sub-suppliers
  • Access to supplier pools for moulding and tooling of own custom USB designs
  • High level of quality due to reliable QC processes and strict quality management
  • Premium customer support by highly qualified personal account managers in German
  • Wholesale discounts for regular customers and purchase agreements available
  • Dedicated production lines available for large or regular volume orders
Backed by strong support from MemoTrek’s Hong Kong headquarters in combination with the logistical advantages of its dedicated factory offices in Shenzhen, the German MemoTrek sales office has already successfully implemented and developed its initial market entry strategy, and is now in the process of securing new market segments and building up market shares by partnering with experienced players within the German wholesale and electronic parts supply-chain sales channels for mutual benefits.

Visit our new USB wholesale website for more information on USB sticks in German

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Patrick B. said:

  Good move and just on time! Even though the markets for promotional items and branded USB sticks in Germany is highly competitive, you guys have a solid setup and I'm sure you'll grow shares, competition is fierce but not many 'USB players' in Germany have similar manufacturing and wholesale resources.

May 26, 2010

wholesale screen printing said:

  Sounds like you guys are going to have a great deal of success. Even though there's a great deal of competition hopefully your efficient supply chains and thus low costs will give you a competitive advantage.
June 04, 2010

Afolabi Oluseyi said:

  Please i will like to have information as regards the sales of 2G flash drive from the german manufacturer, how much will it cost per unit, i will like to buy 100pieces and what is the mode of payment.
Hope to read from you soon.
September 08, 2010

MemoTrek Support said:

  Dear Afolabi Oluseyi,

thank you for your comment and your interest in our USB sticks!

Your inquiry has been forwarded to our German Sales Team, and they will revert to you with more information and a detailed quote very soon.

Wishing you a nice day,
MemoTrek Support
September 09, 2010

Gregory horter said:

  The message shown below was sent on Monday with a repeat follow up on Wednesday – To date we have had no reply

Hi, again

Your web site shows eight or more packaging options. I realize that not all are suitable for a Flash Card but #’s 5150 302, 202, 201, and 108 look like they may work (I did not see dimensions on the description page) would you please provide dimensions and pricing for 500 units along with any other options for packaging.

Please also double check the Matte Black is not available.

Thanks, Greg

October 22, 2010

MemoTrek Support said:

  Dear Gregory,

thank you for your message!

Please kindly pardon the delay. Your message is now with our Sales Team and they are about to provide you with more detailed information and answer your questions.

Looking forward to serving you for this order,
and with thank and regards

MemoTrek Support

October 22, 2010

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