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Sales Office Germany: Closer to our Customers

Company News
Congratulations out to our new sales office in Germany!

Close to the beautiful Bodensee, the new MemoTrek “Vertriebsbüro” (Sales Office) in Bad Schussenried is located close to the center of the booming high-tech industries of Bavaria in the heart of Germany’s more developed areas.

Also, the geographical advantage of this location is the short distance to our customers in Switzerland and Austria, allowing us to react swiftly and serve our customers with quality care they can rely on.

Certainly all our customers from countries throughout the entire European Union will benefit from the advantages and new possibilities of conducting business with our registered German entity and should feel warmly welcome to purchase our products also directly from our European company and its sales office in Germany.


USB samples: DHL sets new record to UK

Delivery & Shipping

For us this is a new speed record from the guys over at DHL. They picked up a sample 11:28 at our USB assembly site in Shenzhen and delivered it on-door in Lambeth, UK next day 13:07. Less than 24h that is.

Customers in Europe will now start to benefit from our faster reaction times especially when it comes to delivery of pre-production mold samples or other samples of our customized USB flash memory. In order for you as a customer to receive your rush orders even faster and on-time for your campaign kick-off we are presently in negotiations with DHL here in Hong Kong for us to operate with even more profitable forwarding terms.  

Well done DHL!


USB device security: Encrypt your data!

Security & Encryption
An absolute must for the security concerned USB flash drive user and a basic requirement in corporate surroundings is encryption of data. You need to rest assure that even in case of theft or loss of your device - and its containing data! – the damage is limited.

Linguistic confusion: What do you call that USB device?

USB Flash Drives
“Here in Argentina, people call them "Pen drives" […] In Tanzania it is one syllable – Flash - "do you have your flash?" "I'll put it on my flash". In Germany they prefer to say "USB stick"... and what is the difference between a USB key and a USB webkey?
Over at Washingtonpost.com Rob Pegoraro is blogging about Computing Vocabulary: Those USB Flash Things and plenty of his readers comment on how they prefer to call these little USB helpers.

Flash memory-cards: New standard in sight?

Technology News
Universal Flash Storage (UFS), this is the name several renown players of telecom and entertainment electronics reckon will be the next unifying standard. The mobile phones producers Nokia, Samsung und Sony Ericsson as well as the chip-manufacturers Micron, Spansion, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments are targeting to agree on the unifying standard called UFS.

Preloads and auto-run on USB flash drives

Data Preloads
Many of our customers choose to auto-run their marketing material, such as presentations, URLs or movies upon insertion of the USB device into the PC.

When opting for a data pre-load you are starting out with the need to make a general choice: Do you want an un-erasable data preload, so that the receiver is not able to erase your data but still can use the rest of flash drive just as usual? Or maybe you prefer the erasable preload so that your customer may erase your data and use the full capacity for own uses?

Corporate blog is back online

Company News
After some weeks of work on our corporate website we at MemoTrek are now back with a revised version.
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