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USB Supply Chain: B2B Wholesale the Easy Way

Company News
Intelligent Supply-Chain Integration
You're just about to find out that we have significantly improved the way we do our business. And learn how this will make it easier for you to improve yours. Get ready for the 2.0 way of conducting B2B wholesale of promotional USB flash drives.

Our new streamlined supply-chain management solution seamlessly integrates our supplier pool with a convenient and easy to use front-end for supreme customer convenience. Everything just got a lot easier.

Here's what we've improved and optimized...


Hong Kong: Electronics Fair and China Sourcing

Suppliers and Manufacturers
Exhibition Time in Hong Kong
Again we're back to a busy time of exhibitions, as traders, buyers and business people from all over the world flock together here in Hong Kong to visit some of the worldwide biggest trade shows for consumer electronics.

This year the timing is more than convenient: within the same week travelers from abroad will have the opportunity to visit three major trade venues and exhibitions in Hong Kong and China that focus on consumer electronics, electronic products, computers, various IT products and of course also USB flash drives.


Credit Card USB: Flash Up Your Wallet

Promotional USB Gifts
Your Message. Inside Their Wallets.
This is exactly what your marketing department has been waiting for. The absolute highlight when thinking in terms of ROI and definitively with the best possible ratio of logo printing space to user portability:

Coming in - not new, but still fresh - from our product developing corner is this extremely handy and highly convenient model - the USB "Flash Card". Featuring the size of a standard credit card and being only 3 mm thin, this portable and ultra-sleek model fits easily into your customer's wallet. Best of all: there's plenty of space to print your colorful artworks and formulate your marketing message. Then place your message directly into your clients wallets for sustainable brand exposure!

You will create strong links to important values in the minds of the receivers:

They will see your brand image and think of the values your stand for each and every time they open their wallets. What better place can you want for your company's promotional gift to be carried?


China Suppliers: Merry Mid-Autumn Festival

Suppliers and Manufacturers
MoonCake Time in China
We'd like to remind all our readers and customers of the upcoming traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, and take this opportunity to also thank our trusted suppliers and channel partners over on the Mainland for a most successful cooperation during the last few months of this 2008 Rat Year.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also called the Moon Cake Festival, is one of the two most important festivals of the Chinese calender. Just as every year, this year's festival will fall on the 15th day of the 8th month, which happens to be from this Saturday 13th to Monday 15th. It will thus not affect our every day business much this year, only cause a slight delay for orders otherwise being processed on Saturdays. So let's unite, lay back and enjoy those Moon Cakes: 快乐到鼠大团圆!


Flash Prices: Will New Hynix Plant Lower Prices?

Suppliers and Manufacturers
NAND Flash Prices 4Q 2008
Korea's leading media is reporting that Hynix Semiconductor, ranking third in the global NAND flash market after Samsung Electronics and Toshiba with a 13.4 percent market share, has opened a third plant on their main production site in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province last Thursday. This new NAND flash factory, nicknamed Fab M11, will be exclusively producing NAND flash chips starting from September, as recently announced by Hynix.

Reports say that also Hynix' main competitor Samsung is further expanding it's production capacities to gain advantage of their current leading position on the NAND flash market, and to flex muscles and stabilize their current stance by putting further pressure on both newcomers and the more established players.


Iron Twister: Solid Metal USB Flash

USB Flash Drives
Solid Relationships: Iron Memory
Inspired by the success of our popular and cap-less model "Clip 'n Easy" and powered by our customers high demand for durable metal USB flash drives we're proud to present you with yet another classy hybrid USB flash drive creation: the "Iron Twister".

The durable metal casing is made to withstand even the roughest of all office surroundings, and the lack of a cap ensures that you'll never be searching around frenetically and while silently cursing your co-worker who borrowed it to exchange some data and probably lost it: you just can't loose what you haven't got.


Brazil: VAT No. needed for USB Import

Delivery & Shipping
VAT No. needed for Customs in Brazil
We wish to remind all our customers and wholesalers in Brazil to kindly provide us with their VAT or IVA (Imposto de Valor Acrescentado) number when ordering:

For deliveries of customized USB flash drives to pass the Brazilian customs clearance, a so-called "CNPJ" (Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas) number needs to be provided and stated on the invoice or the B/L. This number consists of 14 digits: the first eight digits refer to the company registration number assigned to the company, and the last part contains additional information, such as the location of the business.


NAND Flash Prices: Outlook 3Q 2008

USB Flash Drives
Waiting for the Apple effect
With much anticipation people active in the NAND flash industry, including wholesale traders, bulk resellers of flash memory and most other players in the USB flash drive business are currently waiting for the month of August to reveal new price movements and trends of NAND flash memory prices during 3Q.

Traditionally, the 3Q and it's price adjustments are looked upon as a indicator of how the 4Q, and with it eventually also the end-of-the-year seasonal sales is going to turn out. What we are waiting for is the so-called "Apple effect", when Apple starts to fix contractual purchase volumes of flash memory for new products such as e.g the iPhone, new iPods or this year's MacBook Air, and thereby dominate production capacities of some of the major flash memory producers such as Hynix or Samsung.

This has greatly affected spot market prices for NAND flash memory in previous years, but for this year the outcome is uncertain and mixed reports can be read around the internet and in the media.


Olympics: Affect on USB Delivery Time

Delivery & Shipping
Longer queues might lead to minor delays
Certainly we're all looking forward to the Olympic Games this year in Beijing, and many traders and business people active in the China, as well as frequent travelers to the Mainland are anticipating not only the opening ceremony, but also the end of this big sports event and the return to business as usual. As general control tightens and affects already many aspects of daily life in China, such as stricter controls for travelers, limitations for domestic shipping etc, it is first since this last business week that we can report affects on foreign trade and exports from first-hand experience:

Due to increased security controls also during export of products from China Mainland custom clearances and checks take longer time than before, leading to occasional delays and pilling up of consignments for clearance. Both ourselves and our partners from various other industries have been experiencing unexpected minor delays for some shipments. Fortunately, these delays are usually only an extra 1-2 days, but can still cause troubles and inconveniences for our customers who expect delivery of their customized USB flash drives right on time and as usual.


Woody Bamboo: Eco-friendly USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drives
Woody Bamboo - the EcoFlash Drive
You're looking for an eco-friendly promotional gift for your business partners that is useful and durable? You want to ensure that your customers, clients and important business potentials will be thinking about you often and for many more years?

Here comes the answer and some good news...

We've done it again, and can finally introduce to you a new, stylish and eco-friendly USB flash drive:

The "Woody Bamboo" is hitting the shelves!


USB Factories: Floods affecting Suppliers

Suppliers and Manufacturers
After more than 20 days of heavy rains here in Hong Kong and the densely populated neighboring South China Province of Guangdong, the situation is getting increasingly serious as some of the main rivers in the area have started to flood and more than 1.5 mill. people have been forced to evacuate their homes.

Referred to as Chinas economical powerhouse, the Pearl River Delta is known for its thousands of manufacturing enterprises and factories producing high-tech products, IT equipment and consumer electronics for worldwide exports.

Fortunately none of our main suppliers or partnering USB flash drive factories have been directly affected, but the entire province is experiencing transportation difficulties and economical losses due to the thunderstorms that are also starting to show impact on some of the local manufacturers and factories throughout the Pearl River Delta.

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